Class Season 2 Release Date: Who Could Star in a Potential in This Season?

Class, an Indian adaptation of the Spanish drama Élite, is a sex, drug, and murder-filled tornado of a debut season on Netflix.

The new students at Hampton International, one of the best schools in the area, show little restraint in their contempt toward three scholarship recipients. They are outraged that the school would admit students from a lesser social class, and they make it a point to bring up the issue constantly.

When a kid dies under horrific circumstances, cruel jokes and comments are the least of their concerns.

Class Season 2 Release Date

According to sources, Class’s future on Netflix remains unknown as of this writing. Season two of Class would premiere in 2024 if granted the go-ahead, considering that a new season of Élite has been released on the platform every year since 2018. Stay tuned for further developments.

Who Could Star in a Potential Class Season 2?

Although Anjali Sivaraman’s character, Suhani Ahuja, was brutally killed in the pilot episode, she may return in flashbacks.

class season 2 release date

  • Piyush Khati as Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki
  • Gurfateh Pirzada as Neeraj Kumar Valmiki
  • Chintan Rachchh as Faruq Manzoor
  • Naina Bhan as Koel Kalra
  • Moses Koul as Sharan Gujral
  • Zeyn Shaw as Veer Ahuja
  • Madhyama Segal as Saba Manzoor
  • Cwaayal Singh as Balli Sehrawat
  • Ayesha Kanga as Yashika Mehta
  • Chayan Chopra as Dhruv Sanghvi

What Could Be the Plotline in a Potential Class Season 2?

The Netflix original series “Class” is a mature crime thriller. These three pupils from the working class are at the center of the plot. They put forth maximum effort in pursuit of a scholarship to India’s premier educational institution. They had no idea that something truly extraordinary was on the horizon for them.

The word “Prestigious” may work at some point, but life has other ideas for today’s adolescents. The students joined this elite institution because they thought it would be enjoyable, but fate had other intentions.

Once you begin watching the series, you won’t be able to put it down until it’s over. Although it may be a clone, I can’t pass it up. The drama in this series is straight out of “Elite,” and you’re going to love it.

How Well is Class Performing on Netflix?

The show was only on the worldwide non-English TV rankings for a week before being renewed, yet it still managed to rack up 9.91 million hours of viewing time.

However, the title’s success in the top 10s makes the renewal a no-brainer in countries like India and Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

class season 2 release date

Although it has only recently entered the top 10 in Canada and Australia, the title has been a mainstay in India’s top 10 since its release. As of this writing, 31 days after its initial broadcast, the film was still the second most-watched program on Indian television.

Despite failing to become a worldwide phenomenon, it appears that Class is doing exceptionally well in its home market, as seen by its renewal.

Is Season 2 of Class in the Works?

The Indian version of Elite on Netflix has been very successful, and more episodes will be coming soon. The new Indian teen drama series has been quickly renewed for a second season by streaming giant Netflix.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the class series. Such Shows Include Titans Season 4 Episode 9, The Flash Season 10, and more.


Three working-class kids from Delhi attend the fictitious exclusive high school Hampton International, and the story follows their interactions with their more privileged classmates. For more details visit our website

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