The Neighborhood Season 6 Release Date: What Can We Expect From It?

The sixth season of CBS’s “The Neighborhood” has been confirmed. Besides being a lot of fun. Because it deals with heavy topics like gentrification, the Black Lives Matter movement, addiction, and miscarriage, the show has become quite popular.

While shooting the landmark 100th episode. Cedric the Entertainer is directing it. CBS’s president of entertainment, Amy Reichenbach, made the renewal official. She thought the show was fantastic, and she thanked the writers and actors.

The Neighborhood Season 6 Release Date

According to sources, “The Neighborhood,” a new CBS comedy with many cameras, debuted that year. Paramount+ subscribers can also watch the current season of the show. Average Monday night viewership is 6.1 million, and with Live+35 multi-platform viewing, that number rises to 7.3 million, according to CBS.

the neighborhood season 6 release date

Since its premiere, the show has consistently aired on CBS on Monday nights. The broadcaster has confirmed that the show would air for a sixth season during the next 2023–24 season.

The Neighbourhood Cast Members: Who Are in It?

Take a look at the cast members below:

  • She is married to Tina and has two sons, Marty and Malcolm, who were both played by Cedric the Entertainer.
  • In this production, Max Greenfield plays Dave Johnsons. She has a family with Gemma and Grover.
  • Calvin’s wife and mother of his children Marty and Malcolm is portrayed by Tichina Arnold.
  • Malcolm Butler, portrayed by Sheaun McKinney, is the eldest child of Calvin and Tina.
  • The younger son of Calvin and Tina Butler, played by Marcel Spears, is Marty Butler, an engineer at JPL with many quirky interests.
  • Grover Johnson, son of Dave and Gemma Johnson, is played by Hank Greenspan.

The Neighbourhood Plotline: What Can We Expect From It?

The relocation of Dave Johnson and his family to a more urban setting than their previous little village does not phase them. Their outspoken neighbor is named Calvin Butler. He is skeptical of the newcomers and worries that they will change the dynamic of the area.

Dave learns that it is more challenging than he had anticipated integrating into his new neighborhood. However, he believes this will only be possible if he can establish a rapport with Calvin. They have the potential to improve the quality of life in the area.

The show is a comedy about what happens when a nice guy from the Midwest moves his family to a nice neighborhood in Los Angeles. There, people don’t appreciate his showy neighborliness or share his taste in clothing.

the neighborhood season 6 release date

Calvin may have been reluctant to invite the Johnsons over, but his wife Tina is more than happy to do so. Their younger son, Marty, is a happy person. He thinks the Johnsons will end up being good for the neighborhood. Their eldest son, Malcolm, is out of work and finds that he has a lot in common with Dave.

Where To Watch The Neighbourhood?

The Neighborhood can be watched on Paramount+ and FuboTV, and it can be rented or purchased on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu, among other streaming video services. It’s a free service that Pluto offers to its users.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the neighborhood series. Such Shows Include Dalgliesh Season 2, The Marked Heart Season 3, and more.

The Neighbourhood Review And Rating

When The Neighbourhood first aired, it received lukewarm to negative reviews from reviewers. They pointed to problems with character growth and the treatment of the present-day social setting as major issues.

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the show was given a 24% approval rating, with an average score of 4.31 out of 10. Based on the opinions of eight reviewers, the series received a Metascore of 50 out of 100. It means that opinions are divided.


CBS has renewed The Neighborhood for a fourth season, running in 2023–24. This demonstrates a serious dedication to the series over time. The 100th episode is currently under production. This season’s premiere is still upcoming. For more details visit our website

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