Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date: What Happened in the Last Episode?

On May 10, 2023, a Japanese release of Oshi no Ko episode 5 is planned. Then, it will be broadcast via a variety of streaming platforms to a worldwide audience.

Since the premiere of episode 4, fans have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming episode because it may show Ruby and Aqua working toward their objectives. Kana will also be invited to join the future idol group that Strawberry Productions is forming.

The popularity of Oshi no Ko is currently at an all-time high, and Studio Doga Kobo appears committed to keeping it that way. Each episode has been meticulously produced, and the plot flawlessly portrays the main characters, resulting in each character now having a fan base.

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date

According to sources, Episode 5 of Oshi no Ko is slated to air in Japan on May 10th, 2023, by the show’s weekly Wednesday schedule. The episode will be broadcast on several Japanese networks, including Tokyo MX, Chiba TV, Sun TV, BS11, KBS Kyoto, and Gunma TV, all by their respective audiences’ planned timeslots.

On the other hand, HIDIVE or Netflix, which just started streaming the program, are options for people outside of the United States to see the episode. However, depending on the viewer’s location and time zone, the release time may change.

A Brief Recap of the Previous Episode: What Happened in the Last Episode?

Aqua demonstrated his exceptional acting skills while portraying a villain in a shot in Oshi no Ko episode 4, “Actor.” He deliberately incited the male lead to become angry because this was necessary for the moment.

Aqua had to improvise his lines and posture throughout the procedure, but he was successful in setting up Kana for her best performance. Even the manga artist broke down in tears of happiness after the episode’s tremendous popularity.

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date

Later on in the episode, it turned out that Aqua’s DNA sample did not match the producer of the show, proving his innocence. Aqua discovered that the producer had previously collaborated with Ai and held crucial knowledge that Aqua required. However, to get the information, the producer required Aqua to take part in a dating show.

The fourth episode of Oshi no Ko also included Aqua and Ruby’s first day at their new school, which was populated with famous children who were actively involved in the entertainment industry. Ruby’s famous classmates Minami and Frill were also introduced as new characters.

What to Expect in Oshi No Ko Episode 5?

Fans of Oshi no Ko may look forward to several exciting occurrences in episode 5. First off, Ruby will be shown attempting to approach Frill, the newly introduced character from episode 4, as Aqua and Ruby’s agendas continue to advance.

Additionally, producer Masaya Kaburagi has asked Aqua to take part in a dating program to learn more about Ai Hoshino’s love life. As Aqua is drawn farther into the entertainment industry in his search for his biological father, fans may see further developments in this plotline.

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date

In addition, Kana is anticipated to receive a call from Strawberry Productions after Aqua suggested Miyako Saitou join their forthcoming idol group. As Kana thinks about the offer, viewers will have the chance to learn more about her viewpoint. Overall, episode 5 is expected to further the storyline and delve into the nuanced aspects of each character’s journey.

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