Carrington Durham Boyfriend: What You Know About Her Dating History?

Carrington Durham’s current dating status is a mystery. There have been no public declarations about her dating status. That she’s currently single is our best guess.

Carrington and Blaze’s split in 2021 was her most recent high-profile separation. It appears that she has used the intervening time to concentrate on her own goals and aspirations. She might be enjoying her single status for the time being or is just being quiet about her personal life.

Who Is Carrington Durham’s Boyfriend?

Carrington Durham has not been dating anyone at the moment. In August of this year, Blaze and Carrington made their relationship official. They worked together on videos and TikToks quite often. Among their respective fan bases, they quickly became an established couple.

Despite this, their relationship, which many believed to be special, turned out to be implausible. Blaze posted a rare video to his YouTube account in which he addressed the breakup.

Relationship Between Carrington Durham And Blaze

Blaze said their relationship was going through a tough period. About a month ago, he went public with the details of the day they broke up. He claimed that Carrington had texted him, initiating a conversation.

She was sobbing her eyes out in her room when he got there. They realized their relationship was ended when he inquired whether they were done.

Carrington Durham Boyfriend

Blaze was very open in the video about his breakup with Carrington. He claimed that issues had arisen and that he had visited her home after she had asked for a talk. However, he did not anticipate the breakup. He claimed he was heartbroken by the breakup and pleaded with her every day to take him back.

Blaze said that they fell deeply in love quickly and could focus on the relationship initially because of this. Over time, however, Blaze’s need to prioritize his own business meant that he fell short of fully satisfying Carrington. He admitted guilt for the relationship’s dissolution. He blamed himself almost entirely.

Despite his disappointment, Blaze asked his followers to show respect for Carrington. He went on to say that he and his friend Nick, along with the rest of the FaZe Clan, would soon be moving to Sin City.

Who Has Carrington Durham Dated?

Carrington Durham, like other celebrities, is very private about her romantic life, but we will keep this page updated with any new information we hear.

Carrington Durham Boyfriend

Carrington Durham has been in at least two serious relationships. Carrington Durham is currently single. Carrington Both Sam Pottorff (2014) and Jai Waetford (2015-2017) have dated Brooke Durham. We are now conducting research into past encounters and dates.

The speculations about Carrington Durhams’s love life online tend to be contradictory. It’s not hard to learn who Carrington Durham is dating, but it can be more challenging to keep up with all of her affairs. It’s already challenging to keep track of everyone a celebrity is dating and their relationships.


Carrington Durham is an established YouTube personality. She’s part of the famous content makers’ collective CloutGang. After the breakup, Carrington relocated to Los Angeles without settling down. The potential professional benefits prompted her to take a room at the CloutGang House. For more details visit our website

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