Who is George Ezra Dating: What You Know About His Dating History?

George Ezra is a musician and vocalist from England. His track “Budapest” was a worldwide smash, topping the charts in a wide variety of nations. Released in June of 2014, his first studio album, Wanted on Voyage, quickly rose to the top of the UK album charts and the top ten in seven additional nations. It also peaked at number three on the UK album charts in 2014.

Fans of George Ezra’s songs are curious about his personal life, notably his romantic relationships, because of his fame. George Ezra’s dating life is presented here.

Who Is George Ezra Dating?

In the world of music, George Ezra is a household name. His relationship with his ex-lover was also widely reported. Reports indicate that George Ezra is now single and not in a relationship. We can also assume that he is trying to keep his private dating life private.

We will keep you informed about the latest developments in any medium. George Ezra is now single and available. Regardless of his present relationship status, he is commonly mentioned in discussions of his past relationships with

Who Has George Ezra Dated?

This is how Ezra and Florrie Arnold met. She is a member of the Xenomania production team and is a pop singer-songwriter, drummer, and model from England. Ezra and Florrie started dating, but after three years of going steady, they broke up.

Who is George Ezra Dating

Ezra has been talking about how he feels lonely on lockdown days and how he thinks the reason for their breakup may be that he has been “unwell” and has been diagnosed with severe vertigo, although few people know about their breakup.

A Woman Who Thought She Was Dating George Ezra!

A female fan of George Ezra thought she was commenting on George Ezra’s verified Facebook account when she did so, but it turned out to be an unauthorized account created in George Ezra’s name.

The woman, however, was oblivious to the truth and accepted the friend request she had gotten from the site in question. The woman mistook the catfish for George Ezra and began conversing with him. On This Morning, she discussed the incident in detail.

Helen, the woman in question, recently got divorced. Ezra was older than she had realized, therefore she rejected him. Helen had already tied the knot by that time. She told Holly and Phil, “He’s famous, I’ve got a family, it just wasn’t right.” I felt more like a fan cheering him on than anything else.

Who is George Ezra Dating

Helen further disclosed that she had attempted to phone him on one occasion but had received no response; she was afterward informed by his management team that he was in the studio (back when such activity was conducted by Catfish). Helen’s daughter located the Catfish’s UK contact information.

Although Helen had never applied for a loan before, she received a phone call from a lending institution informing her that her request for £26,000 had been accepted and the money was in her account.

She explained that “some fraud had already occurred on my account,” adding, “They were attempting to use my card details to purchase items.” When she realized he wasn’t Ezra, she was taken aback. She claimed the incident had left her wary of people in general.


George Ezra is a musician and vocalist from England. Right now, he’s out with nobody. One of his most well-known relationships was with Florrie Arnold, a model, and actress he dated for three years until they broke up. For more details visit our website Jerseyshorevibe.com


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