Mulligan Season 2 Release Date: Will There Be Season 2 on Netflix?

The 30 Rock and Unbreakable creative teams Kimmy Schmidt will be joined by a new adult animation series on Netflix in May of 2023 called Mulligan. We cover the story, the actors, the trailer, and the Netflix premiere date for Mulligan.

Robert Carlock and Sam Means have created the upcoming adult animated comedy series Mulligan for Netflix. Tina Fey, David Miner, Eric Gurian, Scott Greenberg, and Joel Kuwahara serve as executive producers, and the pair serve as co-runners. Mulligan is a co-production between Universal Television, Little Stranger, Inc., Bevel Gears, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Bento Box Entertainment.

Will There Be a Mulligan Season 2 on Netflix?

According to sources, Netflix has not yet decided whether to renew or cancel Mulligan following the show’s premiere on May 12. The fact that Episode 10 concludes with “to be continued” leaves open the possibility that Netflix will announce its cancellation sooner than the typical one-month timetable.

Season 2 of Mulligan may be the “to be continued” teased at the end of season 1, or Netflix may shock viewers with a 20-episode order, as it has done with other animated series in the past. That would put the launch of the second half of the season sometime later this year or early in 2019. But that’s just conjecture based on Netflix’s track record with cartoon comedies.

mulligan season 2 release date

A show’s renewal or cancellation on Netflix is contingent on how many people watched the whole first season in its first month of availability. Animated shows normally have a lower threshold for renewal, but the writers’ strike is still a factor, so we’ll have to see what happens.

What is the Plot of Mulligan?

After an extraterrestrial invasion has obliterated Earth, the few survivors must rebuild civilization from the ground up. It’s a chance to avoid repeating the mistakes of the human race. Or repeat the same errors over and over. Most likely the second option.

Is There Any Trailer for Mulligan?

According to Mulligan’s strange premise, Earth is nearly destroyed by aliens attacking Earth, as shown in the film’s promotional trailer. Only Matty Mulligan can save the world. He’s an ordinary guy from the working class who single-handedly wiped out an alien fleet. He accomplished his goal by making moves straight out of an action flick.

Mulligan isn’t the most handy tool in the shed. However, because of his heroic actions, he is elevated to a position of power and charged with restoring society. The task may be too challenging for Mulligan’s frail mind.

mulligan season 2 release date

Faxon recently lent his voice to Elfo in Disenchantment, showcasing his comedic and animative range. Mulligan’s plan to rebuild Earth has First Lady Lucy Suwan working alongside him. Lucy, a potential Miss America, had a brief fling with Mulligan during the end of the world. She doesn’t realize that in the little time they spend together, she will have complete power.

Lucy, a firm believer in the political equivalent of beer commercials in the United States, hopes to use her newfound political power for good. She is proceeding without any understanding of what she is doing. The Mitchells vs. the Machines, an animated Netflix film, featured Teigen.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Mulligan series. Such Shows Include Dalgliesh Season 3, Next Level Chef Season 3, and more.


The show, in the works since 2020, is set on Earth after alien invasions have wreaked widespread destruction on the planet. The survivors now have the responsibility of rebuilding society.

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