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Who is Rhea Ripley Dating: What You Know About Her Previous Relationships?

The recent romantic storyline between Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio has been the talk of the WWE, but their history together goes far further than a torrid romance triggered by Dominik turning heel on his dad Rey Mysterio.

Who is Rhea Ripley Dating

Known by his ring as Buddy Murphy, professional wrestler Buddy Matthews is now under contract with AEW. He has been well-known in the WWE for some time before to entering the company. His resume includes stints with NJPW and MLW, among others.

The couple continues to support each other despite working for competing businesses. Although Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio are frequently cast in romantic roles together, she never makes Dominik feel insecure. Buddy, on the other hand, is ecstatic with everything ‘Mami’ has accomplished and how she has emerged as the division’s shining star.

Who is Rhea Ripley Dating

Murphy’s experience with high-risk activities like bungee jumping and rock climbing is extensive. Alexa Bliss, a former WWE Women’s Champion, became engaged to him during his time in WWE. The wedding never happened, and the pair officially split up in 2018.

WWE Star Rhea Ripley’s Previous Relationship!

“Demetri ‘Action'” Jackson is an exercise and sports science expert with a Master’s degree. He was so determined to succeed on his terms that he even turned down help from Ripley. Rhea was an established NXT star while Demetri was having trouble getting booked when the Covid-19 outbreak hit the wrestling world.

As a young talent, Demetri Jackson has joined WWE. In his only battle for the Stamford-based company, he teamed up with Andrew Lockhart and lost to The Creed Brothers on an edition of 205 Live in October 2021.

Who is Rhea Ripley Dating

The 37-year-old also competed in All-Elite Wrestling matches in August 2020. He teamed up with Storm Thomas and they lost against Chuck Taylor and Trent. He was signed as a developing talent, in a role fairly dissimilar to that of WWE, but he was never promoted to the main roster.

Action Jackson, who was mentored by NWA superstar Mecha Wolf, is known for his impressive aerial skills and magnetic personality. Despite his early difficulties, he has established himself as a regular at the Lucha Libre. This year at Big Lucha Black Paradise, he competed in a Golden Ticket Six Way Ladder Match.


In late 2022, hea Ripley announced her engagement to Buddy Matthews, an AEW star. The nature of their connection is kept covert, yet they are frequently spotted together and care for one another. For more details visit our website

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