The Family Chantel Season 5 Release Date: Are Chantel and Pedro Jimeno Separating in This Season?

Despite the shocking events of season 4 of The Family Chantel, the divorce of Pedro and Chantel Jimeno has left the future of the 90-Day Fiancé spin-off program in shambles. The third season of The Family Chantel found Chantel and Pedro in a somewhat stable position, while Pedro had a dramatic character shift before the fourth season began. Because of this, he left his house, and divorce papers with Chantel were filed. The popular spin-off show may be canceled, but a fifth season is still possible.

Season 4 of The Family Chantel focused on the breakdown of Chantel and Pedro’s marriage. Pedro became emotionally distant from his wife and eventually checked out of their marriage. Despite Chantel’s best efforts, Pedro continued to withdraw from the relationship.

Pedro broke up with Chantel after being accused of defrauding her from the start of their relationship. Pedro’s infidelity was another allegation made by Chantel. Fans of The Family Chantel have a strong interest in the aftermath of their interpersonal problems, but the show’s future is uncertain.

The Family Chantel Season 5 Release Date

According to sources, The premiere of The Family Chantel Season 1 was July 22, 2019. There were eight total episodes. In the next years, we shall unveil the remaining seasons. On October 12, 2020, Season 2 of The Family Chantel premiered.

We still have no word on whether or not The Family Chantel will return for a fifth season, which is disappointing.

The current time is a good one to confirm its renewal. Furthermore, the production company has not yet given the show the official go-ahead to begin production. Regardless, the show’s creators have shown enthusiasm for a fifth season and presented ideas for future episodes.

The Family Chantel Season 5 Storyline: What Can We Expect From It?

Pedro and Chantel fell in love during Chantel’s trip to the Dominican Republic, and afterward, Pedro moved to Atlanta, Georgia with a K-1 visa to be with Chantel.

The Family Chantel Season 5 Release Date

Season 4 of Multi-Day Life Partner features their story. Multiple episodes of Joyfully Ever After highlighted the couple afterward. The Troupe Chantel and Pedro’s journey through the family show is chronicled.

Tender Hearts has decided not to order a fifth season of the show. Since there aren’t a ton of spoilers for Season 3 of The Family Chantel online, we can make educated guesses about what will happen. Regardless, the upcoming season will pick up the tale just where the last one left off.

The Family Chantel Season 5 Recap: What Happened in the Previous Season?

Season 4’s cliffhanger saw Chantel and Pedro’s tragic breakup, and season 5 will presumably pick up from there. It would center on how Chantel and Pedro’s lives diverge from one another. Their struggles to avoid each other could be the focus of the upcoming fifth season.

Pedro and Chantel return for a fourth season, but this time it’s not to iron out their differences or give their partnership a firmer footing. It has to do with holding on to the people you love and the connections you have made across cultures.

His priorities have shifted from Chantel and his former seasons to his current career. He’s finally started his bequest career, and it’s not going as well as he expected. After venting his anger at Chantel, Pedro feels better. There is no fresh information to disprove the claim that he undermined her, which has been made by others.

Are Chantel and Pedro Jimeno Separating in This Season?

The fact that Chantel and Pedro are not currently a couple is the most obvious reason why tender loving care will drop The Family Chantel. The popular spin-off series focused on the Jimeno and Everett families as secondary characters. Regardless, the show’s main focus was on Chantel and Pedro’s wedding.

The split threatens the future of the show as a whole, even if it was just meant to be a temporary side project. However, another side project show may be in the works, or the ever-popular Chantel may keep moving through with her multi-day dating adventure, The Single Life.

The Family Chantel Season 5 Release Date

The breakup between Chantel and Pedro is the most evident reason why TLC will cancel The Family Chantel. The Jimeno and Everett families both had subplots on the hit spinoff show.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of The Family Chantel series. Such Shows Include Better Late Than Never Season 3, Malory Towers Season 5, and more.


There have been rumors floating around that fans of Chantel and her family might look forward to another season of The Family Chantel. If that sounds ridiculous, fans can always catch Chantel in one of Day’s many other side projects.

Fans have been keeping up with the multi-Day Life partner stars’ Instagram posts in the meantime, and they’re rooting for her to take home the gold this time around. With the amount of attention she is receiving in the world of online entertainment, it seems inevitable that she will have a fantastic year. For more details visit our website

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