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Is Tom Cruise Dating Shakira: Are They Actually Together?

The identity of Shakira’s rumored new flame has been called into question. The “She-Wolf” singer is suing the Spanish government for tax fraud, and her divorce from soccer player Gerard Pique has been the subject of widespread media attention. Some believe that Gerard cheated on Shakira with Clara Chia Marti, with whom her ex-husband has moved on.

Is Shakira Dating Tom Cruise?

According to a source quoted in an article published by Page Six on May 9, 2023, Tom “is extremely interested in pursuing her.”

Is Tom Cruise Dating Shakira

“There is chemistry,” the insider claimed.”Shakira needs a soft pillow to fall on, and that could be Tom,” said another, before adding, “and he’s a nice-looking guy, and he is talented.” Someone on the inside also remarked that “she isn’t taller than him.” After their evening at F1, the Top Gun actor reportedly brought Shakira roses.

Are Shakira and Tom Cruise Together?

With both Shakira and Tom Cruise currently unmarried and “ready to mingle,” fans are having a blast (kind of) speculating online about the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two icons.

Then, after spending time with Shakira at the Grand Prix, Tom’s “extremely interested in pursuing” her, as Page Six reported. After their charming Miami encounter, the Top Gun star gave the Colombian singer flowers. She also isn’t taller than he is,” the source chimed in.

Is Tom Cruise Dating Shakira

Shakira has recently denied the dating rumors. A source close to Shakira told US Weekly, “Shakira had a great time hanging out with Tom at F1, but she has no interest in dating him.” They went on to say that, while she enjoyed his company and found him to be pleasant, she isn’t interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with him or anyone else right now. She is currently prioritizing her family and her work.

It turns out that she has been following the Twitter conversation about the incident and thinks it’s amusing. According to the insider, Shakira finds the fan speculation and online rumors about Tom’s courtship of her humorous because she knows it’s not true.


Despite rumors that Tom, star of Top Gun, is “extremely interested in pursuing Shakira,” a family friend has stated that the two are merely friends and that the singer is focusing on other things in her life. For more details visit our website

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