Summer Time Rendering Season 2 Release Date: What Happened at the End of Season 1?

Throughout the spring and summer of 2022, viewers were kept on the edge of their seats by one of the best mystery anime of the year: Summertime Rendering. Fans of the anime are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the second season, as nearly a year has passed since the premiere of the first.

The manga Summertime Rendering, by Yasuki Tanaka, inspired the anime of the same name. The plot centers on Ajiro Shinpei, a youngster who had left his home island but returned after the death of a loved one. During his stay, he learned several strange and unsettling details about the island’s environment.

Summer Time Rendering Season 2 Release Date

According to sources, Unfortunately for the audience, OLM’s Summertime Rendering will unlikely return for a second season. There was no more material for OLM studios to adapt into an anime because the first season had already covered the complete tale presented in the book.

Despite the tight quarters, OLM was able to adapt the whole tale from the manga’s 139 chapters into the anime’s 25 episodes.

OLM has decided to include more manga material in each episode than is typical for an animation studio, which typically adapts up to three chapters from the manga.

The studio has adapted 5.56 chapters for each episode, which some viewers may feel is too little time spent on each one. However, the audience response has been positive, with the anime garnering an 8.54 average rating on MyAnimeList.

So, don’t get your hopes up, Summertime Rendering fans, for a second season.

What Happened at the End of Summer Time Rendering Season 1?

Ajiro Shinpei and Ushio Kofune reconciled towards the end of the first season of Summertime Rendering after teaming up to vanquish the Shadows. Ushio was a major character in the anime, joining Shinpei in their fight against the Shadows, despite being reported dead in the first episode.

Ushio, realizing that Shinpei had already returned to the beginning of the incident, used her final minutes to travel back in time and leave a voicemail for Hizuru Minakata on her phone, detailing the Shadows’ involvement in the catastrophe. This is how Hizuru learned of the Shadows and made her way to Hiroshima.

Summer Time Rendering Season 2 Release Date

Now that the Shadows were gone for good, Ajiro Shinpei went back to the same moment he had originally arrived at Ushio’s burial. This time around was different, though, because Shinpei couldn’t remember the events of the prior time loops. Since no one had died during this cycle and the festival was drawing near, the attitude on the island was generally upbeat.

A promise between Shinpei and Ushio from one of the earlier cycles popped into their heads at the festival, and both of their memories were brought back.

Summertime Rendering Season 2 Plotline: What Can We Expect From It?

Since his parents passed away, Shinpei Ajiro has been living with the Kofunes and their two kids. After Ushio tragically drowns trying to save a little girl, he abandons his studies in Tokyo and goes home. He becomes suspicious about the true reason for Ushio’s death after learning, at the funeral, that bruises were discovered around her neck.

He investigates the circumstances surrounding Ushio’s death but finds nothing to support his suspicion that it was a murder. Mio is reminded of the folktale of “Shadows” whenever something strange or unbelievable happens; according to this tale, if you ever meet your Shadow, it will foretell your death.

Shinpei braves the shadows to carry out Ushio’s dying wish and safeguard Mio.

Summertime Rendering Season 2 Cast Members: Who Are in It?

Take a look at the cast below:

  • Anna Nagase as Ushio Kofune
  • Natsuki Hanae as Shinpei Ajiro Akio Ohtsuka as Seidō Hishigata
  • Jin Urayama as Ginjirō Nezu
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Masahito Karikiri
  • Kensho Ono as Sō Hishigata
  • Maki Kawase as Tokiko Hishigata
  • Misaki Kuno as Haine
  • Rie Kugimiya as Shiori Kobayakawa
  • Saho Shirasu as Mio Kofune
  • Tesshō Genda as Alain Kofune
  • Yōji Ueda as Tetsu Totsumura
  • Yōko Hikasa as Hizuru Minakata Ai Yamamoto as Asako Kobayakawa (eps 6-7, 13)
  • Arisa Sakuraba as Chitose Hishigata (ep 13)
  • Ellen Taira as
  • Call Announcement (ep 11)
  • Festival Guest (eps 4-5)
  • Hideki Kojima as
  • Condolence Customer (ep 6)
  • Festival Guest (eps 4-5)
  • Kazunori Morota as Festival Guest (eps 4-5)
  • Mai Satō as Shadow Child (ep 14)
  • Mana Nakaomi as
  • Festival Guest (eps 4-5)
  • Hamaji (ep 9)
  • Marie Ōi as Machiko (eps 1-2)
  • Masamu Ono as Condolence Customer (ep 6)
  • Masato Toyoshima as Festival Guest (ep 5)
  • Mika Okamoto as Festival Guest (eps 4-5)
  • Rika Hayashi as
  • Ajiro Akemi (ep 13)
  • Akari (ep 9)
  • Ryōsuke Hara as
  • Condolence Customer (ep 6)
  • Takoyaki Shop Owner (ep 4)
  • Sachiko Honma as Shiomi (eps 1-2)
  • Sakiko Kawai as
  • Fumika (ep 1)
  • Negoro (eps 11-12)
  • Yasushi Iwaki as Miura (ep 10)
  • Yoshihisa Hosokawa as Tatsuo Kobayakawa (eps 6-7, 14)
  • Yui Shoji as Shadow Mother (ep 14)
  • Yuko Sanpei as Ryuunosuke Minakata
  • Sakura Nagaki as Festival Guest (eps 4-5)
  • Shohei Tabuchi as Festival Guest (eps 4-5)
  • Shota Kaihori as Onboard Announcement (eps 1, 6)
  • Shukuko Tsugawa as Etsuko (ep 1)
  • Takafumi Maeuchi as Festival Guest (eps 4-5)
  • Takehiro Hasu as Nakamura (eps 1, 3)
  • Toshiki Watanabe as Toru Ajiro (ep 13)

Where To Watch Summertime Rendering Season 2?

On Disney+ Hotstar, you can stream each episode of the Summertime Rendering series in its entirety.

Summer Time Rendering Season 2 Release Date

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Summer Time Rendering series. Such Shows Include Sword Art Online Season 5, The Eminence In Shadow Season 2, and more.


The likelihood of there being a second season of the OLM production Summertime Rendering seems low, which may come as a disappointment to the show’s loyal audience. Because the whole tale that was described in the manga was adapted into the first season of the anime, there was no more source material for OLM studios to adapt into an anime after that season. For more details visit our website

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