Dead Mount Death Play Episode 8 Release Date: What Can We Expect From It?

The manga Dead Mount Death Play by Ryohgo Narita and Shinya Fujimoto is the inspiration for the anime series of the same name. Polka Shinoyama is a powerful reincarnated necromancer living in modern Tokyo.

Polka fought off the mystery assassin Phantom Solitaire in the last episode. A cliffhanger was left at the end of the episode, leaving fans wanting more.

The release date for the ninth episode of Dead Mount Death Play is included in this post along with spoilers. Go forward at your peril! If you want to know everything about this, you should scroll down and read the whole thing.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 8 Release Date

According to sources, On May 30th, 2023, Dead Mount Death Play Episode 8 will be unveiled. Crunchyroll, the Ani-One Asia YouTube Channel, and several regional Japanese broadcasters will all be streaming the episode.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 8 Spoilers! What to Expect?

The fallout from the explosion Phantom Solitaire set off will be shown in this episode. Eventually, it would be discovered that Polka escaped the blast by forming a barrier out of dead bodies using his necromancy powers. On top of that, he’ll learn that Phantom Solitaire is still active and on the run.

The episode will also focus on the other characters that are impacted by the bomb. Polka’s friend Misaki is also injured and needs to go to the hospital. Takumi, who happened to be nearby, will quickly jump in to help. When the bomb goes off, Lemmings, who was fighting Arase and his men, will lose one arm. He will be rescued by the mysterious Shinoyama Security agent Tena.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 8 Release Date

New characters and story elements will also be presented in this episode. One of them is Lisa Kuraki, a journalist with ties to Polka who is currently investigating the incident. Xiaoyu Lei, head of the Chinese mafia, is keen on recruiting Polka because of his talents.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7 Recap: What Happened in the Previous Episode?

An early flashback depicts Polka’s past life as a necromancer and corpse god. He is shown in a violent conflict with the legendary hero Shagrua, who is out to eliminate him. Polka reveals that he was originally human but was turned into a corpse god after being betrayed by his lover and some mysterious force.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 8 Release Date

He insists that all he wants is to be left alone and at peace and that he has no plans to either conquer or destroy the globe. Rather than listen to him, Shagrua draws his holy sword and attacks. Polka uses rebirth magic in response, taking them to parallel dimensions.

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The manga from which this anime is adapted is titled Dead Mount Death Play and was written by Ryohgo Narita and Shinya Fujimoto. Polka Shinoyama plays the lead role, as she faces up against the mysterious assassin Phantom Solitaire.

On May 29 of that year (2023), the eighth episode will debut on Crunchyroll, the Ani-One Asia YouTube Channel, and Japanese regional television. For more details visit our website

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