The Gold Rush Couple: Tyler and Parker Dating?

Gold Rush on Discovery Channel is a fan favorite because it’s about a group of hardworking miners who are still looking for gold in the Klondike area of Dawson City, which is in the Canadian Yukon. Go figure. Fans were excited to see Parker Schnabel come back in the much-anticipated 13th season. They said that even though the competition was tough, people have come and gone, but they are still here.

The show has been following professional gold miners like Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, Fred Dodge, and Roger Schnabel and their impressive work. After the show ended, Parker Schnabel became more famous and successful. He is also very private about his personal life. But the well-known miner was dating someone who was also on the show. Who do we have in mind? Let’s look at all the details and not-so-well-known facts to figure out if Parker and Tyler are dating or not.

Are Parker and Tyler Dating?

Parker and Tyler are reportedly not dating together. Fans have thought the same thing since they worked together on Season 4 of “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

Not to mention, Parker was no longer available, and he and his Australian girlfriend, Ashley Youle, broke up later. As Parker and Tyler went on their trip across Australia, viewers cheered for them because they were being followed by a Discovery camera crew.

Fans thought or hoped that Tyler and Parker would start to feel something for each other, but nothing like that happened. As the two had adventures looking for gold in the Australian desert, romance was not in the cards for them.

Is Parker Dating Ashley?

During the 2016 premiere of Season 7 of the popular mining show, viewers saw Parker’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle. The two are said to have met in Australia, and soon after, Parker asked her to go with him to Alaska to mine during the summer.

Parker talks about his relationship with Ashley and says that he doesn’t think she gets enough credit for how well the summer went. He also says that Ashley is a lot of fun to be with. Not to mention that Schnabel said Ashley was a big part of helping the former Gold Rush cast member to get used to living in Alaska for the season.

parker and tyler dating

But the relationship didn’t last long. Ashley’s absence from the eighth season added to rumors that they had broken up. Later, Parker confirmed that they were no longer together.

He said that his show was a success, but his personal life was falling apart because he never put the relationship or Ashley first. He thinks Ashley deserved more than what she got. Parker told his side of the story, but Ashley stayed out of the spotlight and didn’t talk about the breakup.

Is Parker Schnabel in Season 13 of Gold Rush?

All of the people who watch Gold Rush are excited because the first look at season 13 is already here. It came out in September. Fans will soon be able to watch Parker Schnabel in the 13th season as he keeps looking for gold and moves his business from the Klondike to Alaska. This time around, the competition is pretty tough, but Schnabel isn’t too worried and has new hopes.

parker and tyler dating

Gold Rush is now in its 13th season, and Brandon and Brady Clayton are among the new people who have joined this time. As a family, they have a lot of debt, so this mining mission is pretty important. Don’t forget that there are new problems like rising fuel prices and problems with the supply chain. The price of gold is also low.


The popular Discovery Channel show Gold Rush follows Klondike gold miners in Dawson City, Canada. Professional gold miners inspired Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, Fred Dodge, and Roger Schnabel. Parker was successful after the show, but he dated a co-star. Season 7’s 2016 premiere included Parker’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle. Parker convinced Ashley to go summer mining in Alaska after meeting in Australia.

Ashley helped Parker acclimatize to Alaska for the season, but they split. Parker declared their breakup, but Ashley remained silent. In Gold Rush Season 13, Parker searches Alaska for gold. New challenges include rising fuel prices, supply chain issues, and dropping gold prices. For more details visit our website

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