Tokyo Vice Season 2 Release Date: Who Are the Cast in This Season?

Beginning on April 7, 2022, HBO Max will air Tokyo Vice, a crime thriller written by J.T. Rogers and based on Jake Adelstein’s 2009 novel of the same name. Audiences and critics alike have enjoyed the series.

After 40 reviews, the website Rotten Tomatoes recorded an approval rate of 85% and an average rating of 7.6/10. The network had little trouble deciding to bring back Tokyo Vice for a second season, as it is one of the most popular shows and has plenty of space for expansion in terms of both viewers and the platform it airs on.

To help you get ready for the new season, we’ve compiled a brief overview of the season’s release date, plot, and cast. If you want to learn more about Tokyo Vice Season 2, keep reading.

Will Tokyo Vice Return For A Second Season?

True, Tokyo Vice has been picked up for a second season on HBO Max. It was announced in June of 2022 that the show would be returning for a second season. In addition, the official Twitter account for HBO Max Nordic informed viewers of the renewal, tweeting, “Before and after hearing #TokyoVice has been renewed for season 2!” Please read this post:

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Release Date

According to sources, On April 28, 2022, the season finale, titled Yoshino, was released. The majority of users did not anticipate such a rapid network change. The release date for Season 2 of Tokyo Vice is set for sometime in 2023, most likely in the early to mid-year.

The precise time and day are still to be determined. As with the first season, it will likely premiere in April, though confirmation has not yet been made.

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Plotline: What Can We Expect From This Season?

To be considered for a position on the staff of a prominent Japanese newspaper, “American journalist Jake Adelstein” (who moved to Tokyo in 1999) must first pass a written exam in Japanese.

He starts at the bottom and is the organization’s first foreign-born journalist. He is mentored by an experienced vice squad detective and introduced to the perilous underworld of the Japanese yakuza.

With this foundation in place, Season 2 of Tokyo Vice is expected to build upon the established premise and continue the storylines introduced in the Season 1 finale, in which viewers saw, “While Samantha risks it all for Polina’s safe return, Sato is forced to mix business with pleasure; as Katagiri devises a plan to finally bring down Tozawa, Jake is confronted by the crime boss’s men.

Therefore, it is intended that the tale will continue in terms of characters and plotlines for another season commencing at the end of the last episode of Tokyo Vice to resolve any loose ends and cliffhangers that may have been left.

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Cast Members: Who Are The Cast In This Season?

The show’s core ensemble from Season 1 will be back for Season 2 to advance the plot and their character arcs. Meanwhile, the show’s main and recurring players will likely return for Season 2.

  • Ansel Elgort as Jake Adelstein
  • Rinko Kikuchi as Emi Maruyama
  • Tomohisa Yamashita as Akira
  • Ken Watanabe as Hiroto Katagiri
  • Rachel Keller as Samantha Porter
  • Hideaki Itō as Jin Miyamoto
  • Ella Rumpf as Polina

We regret to inform you that, as of the end of November 2022, the network has made no further casting announcements. The cast of Tokyo Vice season 2 could change with the addition of new characters and the possible elimination of others.

In What Way Did the First Season of Tokyo Vice Conclude?

Sato struggles to juggle work and play while Samantha risks all to ensure Polina’s safe return. While Katagiri works on a strategy to eliminate Tozawa as a threat, Jake is disturbed by the crime boss’s thugs.

Tokyo Vice’s Second Season Will Consist of How Many Episodes?

The second season of Tokyo Vice will consist of 10 new episodes. Season one premiered in 2022. There’s no telling if season 2 will debut in 2022 as season 1 did, or if it will be delayed.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Tokyo Vice series. Such Shows Include Walking Dead Season 12, Vienna Blood Season 4, and more.


New episodes of Tokyo Vice will premiere in 2023, however, an exact date has yet to be determined. A trailer released by HBO and HBO Max teased their upcoming 2023 lineup, which will include a new season of Tokyo Vice. For more details visit our website

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