Blue Lock Chapter 220 Release Date: Where Can I Watch It?

Isagi and Niko both have their sights set on stealing the ball from Kunigami at the same time in the previous chapter. Isagi then took possession of the ball and advanced toward the net after a successful block by Raichi. He and Kurona made it through the final line of defense, but Aiku’s meta-vision rendered them useless.

Since its publication in Japan on August 1, 2018, the Blue Lock manga series has amassed a large fanbase. Blue Lock Chapter 220 has been eagerly anticipated since the release of the previous chapter. What follows is a comprehensive rundown of the impending release and the chapter to be released along with it.

Blue Lock Chapter 220 Release Date

According to sources, On May 31st, 2023, Blue Lock Chapter 220 will be made available. The countdown has begun, and readers have been waiting patiently for this chapter. Only five days remain until the release, and anticipation among viewers has reached a fever pitch.

What to Expect from Blue Lock Chapter 220?

Titled “Game Changer,” Chapter 220 of Blue Lock is anticipated to further Isagi’s comprehension of Niko’s meta-vision. Fans want to know if Ikki Niko will reveal all the specifics of his ability to an opponent, if there will be any monologues or flashbacks that will shed light on his powers, or if neither of these things will happen.

blue lock chapter 220 release date

The game’s dynamics may shift significantly if Niko’s new meta-vision emphasizes defense and Barou’s predator eye emphasizes offense. Noel Noa may feel obligated to make changes to the roster or strategy as a result.

Where to Watch Blue Lock Chapter 220?

Chapter 220 of Blue Lock is named “Seesaw Game,” and it’s likely that after coming to rescue Isagi when he was blocked by Oliver Aiku, Yukimiya Kenyu will score his second goal in the Neo Egoist League. Michael Kaiser has been absent for some time and could steal the ball from Isagi before it reaches Yukimiya, so the goal is not yet assured.

Even if the pass to Yukimiya is not blocked, the Ubers’ counterattack could be started by either Don Lorenzo or Ikki Niko. The title of this chapter may allude to this sort of give-and-take response.

Recap of Blue Lock Chapter 219: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

In the 219th chapter of Blue Lock, titled “Dynamism,” both Isagi and Niko try to steal the ball from Kunigami, but Niko’s attempt is foiled when he is blocked by Raichi. Given that Niko did not notice Raichi charging at him, Isagi could see that Niko’s meta-vision skills were still subpar.

blue lock chapter 220 release date

Furthermore, Oliver Aiku used his newly acquired meta vision to block Isagi just as he got past two Ubers defenders with Kurona. Isagi may have tried to fool him with a lefty direct shoot, but Aiku saw through his bluff and recognized that Isagi’s left foot was weaker than his right. Isagi had hit a roadblock, but Yukimiya was there to clear the way for him.

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