Gokurakugai Chapter 9 Release Date: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

In this post, we’ll fill you in on all the details surrounding the imminent release of Gokurakugai Chapter 9: when it’ll be available, whether or not there will be spoilers, and so on.

On June 1, 2023, at midnight JST, Shueisha will release Jump Square 7 and, within it, chapter 9 of Gokurakugai. Fans all over the world will be able to read the chapter digitally on the Viz Media website. Gokurakugai’s exclusive English publishing rights are held by Viz Media at this time.

Gokurakugai Chapter 9 Release Date

According to sources, On Monday, June 1, 2023, at midnight JST, the ninth chapter of Gokurakugai will be made available to the public. Fans outside of Japan will have to visit Viz Media’s main website to read the chapter. For the time being, you won’t be able to read Gokurakugai on the MangaPlus website, MangaPlus App, or Shonen Jump+ app from Shueisha.

Gokurakugai Chapter 9 Plotline: What to Expect From It?

Yomi ripping Kai out of Alma’s chest in the previous chapter set the stage for Alma’s most frightening form in Gokurakugai chapter 9. Alma’s primary weapon, Kai, which he can convert into a cleaver and uses to initiate his transformation into the hybrid Maga form, maybe the source of his inability to fully realize this form.

Gokurakugai Chapter 9 Release Date

Yomi announced over dinner with the rest of the hybrid Maga family that they needed a new addition, and Alma was the one he had in mind. there follows that there was no fluke that the former should unexpectedly run into the latter; rather, their meeting was predetermined.

The following episode will bring back Tao and the rest of the Snake Pit Headquarters, setting up the showdown between Yomi’s squad and the Anti-Maga Organization.

A Brief Recap of Gokurakugai Chapter 8: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

Tao mentioned Alma’s new friend’s possible humanity to a member of the Anti-Calamity Organization by saying that she never completely devoured her target. Alma encouraged Kanata to believe she, too, could change at the Gokurakugai train station, just as he had. The former ended up coming clean about being a Maga hybrid.

Alma assured Kanata that if she followed him to Saragi, Yoki, and others would help her start over once she swore to make one for her wrongdoing. Kanata snipped at Alma’s neck unexpectedly before gushing apologies. Kanata sent his two friends to school his newest victim on why she shouldn’t nibble on his palm.

Gokurakugai Chapter 9 Release Date

She ate the heads of all three men before transforming into her true form, in which her entire head assumed the shape of a Maga. Alma attempted to activate his Kai but was unable to since he needs Tao’s blessing to remove the karmic stake.

When Alma tries to talk some sense into Kanata, he ends up cutting off his right arm in the process. Yomi suddenly materialized after Kanata’s unconscious fall and aggressively wrenched Alma away from the karmic stake.

Where to Read Gokurakugai?

After its first release in Japan, the newest chapter will be available in English and other compatible languages for free on services like Viz Media and Shonen Jump.

Shonen Jump is published by VIZ Media, which also distributes Gokurakugai in the United States. You can keep reading on VIZ’s website, or you can get the ShonenJump app for your Android or iOS device.

If you want to show your appreciation for the author and his team’s dedication to the project, we recommend reading the latest chapters on the official site rather than any unauthorized or illegal mirrors.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Gokurakugai Chapter series. Such Shows Include My Stepmoms Daughter is My Ex Season 2, Jojolands Chapter 5, and more.


Tao and Alma, red-light district troubleshooters, operate Gokurakugai. Their business solves any problem if it pays well. They handle scandals, beastmen, and monster-like tragedies. These demons are human-animal hybrids.

Alma, a half-calamity and half-human, is working with Elder Sister Tao to eliminate as many catastrophes as possible so he can have a regular life. For more details visit our website Jerseyshorevibe.com

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