The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9 Release Date: What Can We Expect From It?

Episode 9 of The Dangers in My Heart airs on TV Asahi, BS Asahi, and other networks on Sunday, May 28 at 1:30 am JST. Due to time zone differences, the episode will be made available to foreign audiences on Saturday, May 27.

In the prior episode, we saw Ichikawa get sick while helping Yamada in the rain. Yamada returned to see Ichikawa soon after, and the latter’s deteriorating health prompted her to embrace him. As the program progressed, it became clear that Yamada’s prolonged proximity to Ichikawa had made him ill.

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9 Release Date

According to sources, Episode 9 of The Dangers in My Heart will air on Saturday, May 27 for most viewers across the world. On Sunday, May 28 at 1:30 am JST, the episode will premiere in Japan.

Recap of the Dangers in My Heart Episode 8: What Happened in the Previous Episode?

After Chihiro stated that she keeps her grades up by doing her schoolwork in the library, Yamada introduced her to Ichikawa in episode 8 of The Dangers in My Heart, titled I Had a Dream.

It became clear during their conversation that Ichikawa had improved her skills in talking to women. There was a parent-teacher conference in this episode, and Yamada met Ichikawa’s mom there.

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9 release date

Later on, Ichikawa cycles in the rain to deliver some goods that Yamada had left with him instead of taking them when they first met. As a result, Ichikawa developed a fever, prompting a visit from Yamada.

Due to his bad condition, Ichikawa was extremely sleepy when Yamada embraced him. Later on, Yamada was depicted as becoming ill, likely as a result of his prolonged exposure to Ichikawa.

What to Expect From the Dangers in My Heart Episode 9?

After tending to Ichikawa’s needs, Yamada experienced a sore throat, suggesting that she may fall ill in episode 9 of The Dangers in My Heart. If the second character feels bad about what happened, he or she may start taking care of the first one.

However, Yamada may be shown to finally admit that she has affection for Ichikawa. Her feelings and reactions indicate that she has feelings for Ichikawa, although the anime hasn’t shown her acceptance of this fact.

Where to Watch The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9?

After its Japanese broadcast, Episode 9 of “The Dangers in My Heart” will be available for streaming on the Hidive platform. The Season 1 finale ignited a surge of curiosity among viewers, who are now anxious to see what happens in the remaining episodes.

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9 release date

As a result, many viewers have been on the lookout for updates concerning the premiere of Episode 9 of Season 1 titled “The Dangers in My Heart.” Keep an eye on Hidive for the intriguing next installment of the series.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of The Dangers in My Heart series. Such Shows Include My Stepmoms Daughter is My Ex Season 2, Jojolands Chapter 5, and more.


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