Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date: is There Any Spoiler for It?

Mercenary Enrollment is an exciting webbook about Ijin Yu, a former child soldier who returns to his hometown after being away for ten years.

His past continues to haunt him even though he attends an elite high school and tries to live a regular life. To protect his sister and his pals, he has to confront numerous threats and difficulties.

YC penned the web novel, and Rakyeon did the illustrations. It’s also known as Teenage Mercenary or Ijin Gukjang. In 2019, it began serialization on Naver Webtoon, where it has now amassed a considerable readership. There is plenty of excitement, tension, drama, and love in this webbook.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date!

According to sources, Readers of Mercenary Enrollment are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 139. The release of “Mercenary Enlistment” Chapter 139 is scheduled for June 3, 2023, at midnight (KST).

A few days before the teasers, the uncensored scans will be released, followed by the English dub. The fans can’t stand the suspense any longer.

Spoilers for Chapter 139 of Mercenary Enrollment!

No raw photos or spoilers for Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 have been released as of yet. However, we can speculate on what will occur next based on events in the previous chapter.

Nothing was stopping Ijin and his siblings from reporting the incident to their dad. They could also inquire further into his protection and the reasons they seek out Forest.

It’s possible that President Andrea Boray will feel upset and frightened about the attack on his children. He may attribute Forest’s knowledge of their whereabouts to someone in his gang. He may check into it and take measures to prevent further attacks like this.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date

Forest could still try to eliminate Ijin and his siblings. They might redeploy their assassins or try to catch them by surprise. In addition, they might investigate Ijin’s background and abilities.

Ijin may face more challenges and dangers in the classroom. His pals may be curious about him yet hesitant to trust him. Students or members of rival gangs from other schools may try to assault him as well.

There’s a chance that Ijin will grow closer to his siblings, Sophia and Ian. He could try to reconnect with them and make amends. He may also take precautions to ensure their security.

The people Ijin meets may become allies or supporters. He might run across familiar faces or make some brand-new acquaintances. He may also get some clues concerning his mother’s whereabouts or fate.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 Recap: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

When Ijin and his brothers finally reach their father’s farm, the events of Chapter 138 of Mercenary Enlistment begin. The secretary welcomes them and informs them that their dad is in his office waiting for them. In addition, they uncover several injured members of their security squad.

They enter their father’s office and see him seated at his desk with a solemn expression on his face. By inquiring about their well-being, he demonstrates his concern for them. He also tells them he has information on who attacked them.

He claims that Forest was a member of the military team that attempted to eliminate them. He claims that Forest is an adversarial firm that competes with SW for business. He claims Forest was disappointed with him when he chose SW over them in negotiations with the Korean government, and that this made Forest angry.

He claims Forest murdered his kids to destroy his good name. He further claims that Forest has worked for quite some time to undermine his enterprise and activities.

He then inquires as to Ijin’s method of combat in the face of the assassins. He was content with his talents and abilities, he claims. He adds that he is interested in learning more about his history.

Ijin claims that the mercenary organization Black Sun trained him when he was a young man. He claims he left his family in Korea ten years ago and returned there to find them. He claims to have a hazy recollection of his mother and his early years.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date

President Boray expresses his gratitude and admiration to him for assisting him in reuniting with his family. He claims to wish to assist him in recalling the events surrounding his mother’s death. Furthermore, he expresses interest in employing him at SW.

He has high hopes for Ijin as a mercenary and sees great potential in him. He claims he can show him the ropes of the industry and that he already knows more than he does. He claims he can mold him into a formidable contract killer.

Incredulous at his offer, Ijin presses him for an explanation. President Boray claims he is motivated to do so on account of their familial ties. The reason he wants to do this, he explains to Ijin, is that he believes Ijin can help him succeed.

He claims to have a strategy for all of SW and the globe at large. He has expressed a desire for SW to become the most formidable contract military force in the world. He claims that he intends to put SW’s resources to good use by helping to improve society.

He believes that the military can play a significant role in preserving international stability. According to him, depending on the situation, mercenaries can play a variety of roles, including that of mediators, negotiators, peacekeepers, protectors, and enforcers.

Where Can I Read Chapter 139 of Mercenary Enrollment?

You can read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 on the official Naver Webtoon website or app, or on unofficial websites or apps that translate the webbook into different languages; however, we encourage you to read the webbook from the official source, as this supports the web novel’s author and artist.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Mercenary Enrollment Chapter series. Such Shows Include Skip and Loafer Episode 9, Oshi No Ko Episode 9, and more.


Ijin Yu’s parents died in an aircraft crash when he was eight years old, leaving him alone in an unfamiliar nation and forcing him to find work as a mercenary. Ten years later, he returns to Korea to live with his family, where there is an abundance of food, shelter, and calm. For more details visit our website

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