Inside Jokes Season 2 Release Date: What Happened in the Season 1?

Fans of the comedy show Inside Jokes can’t wait for Season 2 to air. Just for Laugh is one of the most well-known comedy shows in the world, and Inside Jokes is merely a series about their audition process. Wonderful comedians who hoped to make it big on one of the largest comedy shows ever were featured in the first season. The show exemplifies the dedication and perseverance of aspiring comedians.

Inside Jokes Season 2 Release Date

According to sources, On November 30, 2018, the premiere episode of the pilot season of “Inside Jokes” was shown. Each episode was around 50 minutes long, and they all premiered at the same time. There has been no confirmation that the show will return for a second season as of yet.

Surprisingly, the show didn’t get picked up for a second season, given Amazon’s heavy investment in the world of stand-up comedy.

Inside Jokes Release Date

Season one of “Inside Jokes” examines the ups and downs of seven aspiring comedians. JC Currais, Rosebud Baker, Robert Dean, Kellen Erskine, Simon Gibson, Alzo Slade, and Daphnique Springs were all members of this group.

Inside Jokes Season 2 Cast Members: Who Are in It?

  • JC has quickly become a fan favorite due to his high energy and sharp comedy. He’s had to endure a lot of hardships over the years, but he’s managed to make it by doing stand-up comedy.
  • Rosebud is a well-known comedian and writer who has been featured on shows like Fox’s Red Eye with Tom Shiloue and SiriusXM’s Raw Dog Comedy Radio.
  • After graduating from college in Connecticut, Robert decided to move to New York and try his hand at stand-up comedy. Ten years of hard work later, he had finally broken into the New York City comedy scene, but he still had his sights set on making it to Just for Laughs.
  • Kellen is a comedian with a reputation for dry humor and understatement. He has appeared on Conan and performs regularly at local comedy clubs in the city.
  • Simon is a popular stand-up comedian because of his ability to improvise jokes in front of an audience.
  • Alzo hopes to use Just for Laughs as a platform to share the humorous and thought-provoking observations he makes in his daily life with a wider audience.
  • Springs hopes to make it big in the comedy world by doing her witty and caustic set at Just for Laughs.
  • These comedians’ varied experiences demonstrate their unwavering commitment to breaking into the highly competitive field of stand-up comedy. If the comedy show Inside Jokes returns for a second season, it is currently unknown who will be a part of it.

Inside Jokes Premise

“Inside Jokes” guides us through the process of creating a joke and perfecting its delivery to get the biggest laughs from an audience. JC Currais, Simon Gibson, and MK are just a few of the LA comics we meet in the premiere who all have the same offbeat sense of humor and work the same circuits.

Recap Of Inside Jokes Season 1

Inside Jokes follows budding comedians from Los Angeles and New York as they go to Montreal to compete in one of the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy festivals, Just for Laughs. Auditioning for Just for Laughs is shown, as well as the participants’ early life.

Inside Jokes Season 2 Release Date

At first, the comics had trouble getting beyond their nerves and delivering a strong performance. In their pursuit of fame and wealth, they frequent clubs night after night to hone their six-minute routine. At long last, they get to perform their material in front of the judges who will ultimately decide their fates.

Where To Watch Inside Jokes?

Amazon’s “Inside Jokes” is an original series that follows aspiring comedians as they try to make it into Montreal’s renowned Just for Laughs festival. In the United States, you can find the show on the video store.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Inside Jokes series. Such Shows Include Everybody Hates Chris Season 5, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, and more.


The Amazon Prime series “Inside Jokes” follows up-and-coming stand-up comedians as they try to make it into Montreal’s prestigious Just for Laughs comedy festival. The series follows aspiring comedians from New York and Los Angeles as they compete for a spot in the festival’s New Faces segment. For more details visit our website

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