Secret Class Chapter 176 Release Date: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

The last chapter of Secret Class introduced a new character, and the next 176th chapter could have even more thrilling happenings. One of Go-bong’s closest pals just recently joined the group. He has a stocky build and short hair.

Dae-ho seemed interested in her, and he joked that they should go on a date. This vile beast has already started searching for new prey. Dae-ho is the highlight of the concert for me.

One of the best parts of the show is seeing Dae-ho grow and change. I think we can both agree that this person is extraordinary. He has an insatiable need to establish his worth. The unexpected turn of events towards the end of the story upped the suspense. Just where did they go with the story? Two more women suddenly materialized.

Secret Class Chapter 176 Release Date

According to sources, Secret Class Chapter 176, featuring Dae-ho and Joo-ri Noona, is set for release on June 1, 2023. The schedule below is based on when Secret Class Chapter 176 was released on Toptoon and Daycomics.

Secret Class Chapter 176 Release Date

There may be a slight holdup, and the part may not be available everywhere until the next day. The English version will be made available around two days following the raw version.

Recap of The Secret Class Chapter 175: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

Mia-nonna, at the start of Chapter 175 of Secret Class, is shown getting ready for the day by preparing breakfast. Even Dae-ho was surprised by how early she was up today. Mia recognized her mother at once upon catching a whiff of her.

Both Dae-ho and June had some apprehensions about it. She patted her mom on the back and told her, “Don’t try to be a girl.” It’s time for you to start acting like a proper wife. Then she informed everyone that the party was today and that Joo-ri had promised to bring beer.

She told her sibling the news through an intermediary. Soo-noona was confused by the news and wanted to know more about it. When Dae-hoo asked if she wanted to do it again, she was apprehensive.

Mia’s face heated at this, but she reassured him that their relationship with the teenager was already complicated. Soo-noona claims that tonight she and Dae-ho’s number one objective is getting drunk and have a good time.

She had already decided that she would not be attending and would instead spend the evening at a friend’s house. Mia tells you to have fun and leaves you to your own devices. After then, Dae-ho’s best friend Bo-dong, and Joo-ri’s “girlfriend” Here comes So-Hyun.

Secret Class Chapter 176 Release Date

Dae-ho stated he is looking forward to the party, despite the surprise factor. Joo-ri had just told Bo-dong that he is in a committed relationship. Continuing her small talk, Joo-ri finally announced that she needed to use the restroom.

The hyena ‘Dae-ho’ appeared afterward, ready to pounce. Joo-Ri was interested in backup strategies in case an extra person turned up. Dae-hoo reassures her that she will be left alone while she uses the restroom because everyone knows Soo-noona has left the house and is on her way there.

At the end of the chapter, So-hyun, like the rest of us, has had a few beers and has to go to the lavatory. There’s hope for better relations between the three of them. Don’t worry; we’ll let you know as soon as the next episode’s raw and spoilers become available.

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The publication date for Secret Class Chapter 176 is set for June 1st, 2023. The tale is based on the recently released Toptoon and Day comics, so you may expect to see Dae-ho and Joo-ri Noona.

At the beginning of the chapter, Mia-nonna surprises Dae-ho by waking up early. Finally, two more women materialize out of nowhere. “girlfriend” of Dae-hoo, Bo-dong, and Joo-ri, whose names are Soo-noona. Together with Mia, So-Hyun goes to a party.

Mia reassures Dae-ho that their relationship with the teenager is already well-established. While in the ladies’ room, Joo-ri tells Bo-dong that he is now dating someone, and Dae-ho promises her that no one would bother her. For more details visit our website

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