High Desert Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: How Much Money Do Denny and Peggy Get for the Silver?

High Desert Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: High Desert is a comedy-drama show about a former addict named Peggy who, after her mother dies, chooses to become a private detective.

Some of the stars of the show are Patricia Arquette, Ben Stiller, and Kristen Wiig. In “The Case of the Missing Cactus,” the fifth episode of the first season, a rich woman hires Peggy to find her stolen cactus, which turns out to be more than just a plant.

Peggy’s sister Jackie is trying to get back in touch with her daughter, and Peggy’s ex-husband Wayne is in trouble with the law. Here is a summary of what happened in Season 1 Episode 5 of High Desert.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 5 Recap!

Denny (Matt Dillon) tries to get Peggy (Patricia Arquette) to help him with his “soul retrieval” after he gets out of jail. He wants to get to the Alejo Roadhouse to get his stash. She didn’t want to help him at first, but now she goes inside to get a lot of coins from the laundry. She starts to see how the money from the sale could help her pay the mortgage on her mother’s house.

She calls Stewart right away to tell him that the next two months of rent will be paid. Denny thinks that the rush of energy from this operation will get Peggy to do the things they used to do together before he was arrested. She thinks back to the terrible things that happened to her because he wasn’t careful. He is more interested in the good things from their past.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

In any case, they get out of the house just in time before the owners come home. Before they leave, they give each other a kiss. Unfortunately, that stolen stash doesn’t pay off the way they thought it would. Back in Bruce’s (Brad Garett) office, William (Kellen Joseph) works with Bruce (Brad Garett) to fix his backup problems.

Bruce thinks he is a genius because he helps him with simple things. Peggy hides in the place where she met the kid. She gives Bruce some of the money she stole to help him with his practice. She says that more than anything else, she wants a future, which her job as a private investigator can give her. He feels sad when she helps him keep the business going.

Peggy then brings up the prize for figuring out where Tonya Glanz’s character Donatella is. She hopes that Dona’s bald bird will be able to help her. Instead, Bruce wants Peggy to find out about a man who is looking for information about his cheating partner. Peggy doesn’t agree with taking this woman’s happiness away. But in the end, she agrees to do this as part of her job.

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Later, at Pioneertown, Peggy gives Carol (Weruche Opia) the keys to her new car. She tells her in great detail how she should handle it. Carol talks about Peggy and Denny getting back together. She is worried that Peggy will do the same things that hurt herself again. But it doesn’t take her long to figure out that Peggy and Denny have already slept together.

Peggy moves on to something else. She gives the job she was meant to work on to someone else. She then tries to get Cooper, Carol’s tough-talking daughter (played by Jayden Gomez), to be nicer to her mother. Peggy talks about how she got over how careless her own mother was. We can feel how strong she has become as she has grown up. Her words also show how much she is hurting.

Then, Peggy gets in her car and goes up to Denny’s hotel room. As part of their art show, they are supposed to go to Guru Bob’s (Rupert Friend) place together. He puts on clothes that make him look like a rich person who buys art. She sees a tattoo under his shirt and tells him to cover it up. He tells her to put her glasses down. He pulls out the bug to record another way of their last talk.

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How Much Money Do Denny and Peggy Get for the Silver?

Denny told Peggy that they could get almost $20,000 for the silver when he told her about the idea. But when they take it to a pawn shop, they only get $5,000 for it, which makes Peggy mad.

Peggy comes to talk to Bruce and give him the money he needs to get back on his feet. He is happy that she wants to help and even starts to cry. Bruce then sends her on her first job, which is to find out if a woman is cheating on her husband. She gets Carol to do the job for her, of course. Carol tells Peggy that she is worried about her working with Denny again, but Peggy acts like nothing is wrong.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Peggy and Denny are working together on the case of Guru Bob’s lost or dead wife. Peggy tells Denny to let her take charge of the case when they get to Guru Bob’s. When Guru Bob pats Peggy down, it makes Denny a little bit envious. Well, Denny tells Guru Bob that he is wrong about the picture. After a lot of back and forth, Denny agrees to buy the painting for Kachel for $1 million. They want to know who the forger is before they leave.

What Happens at the End of the Episode!

When Denny and Peggy leave Guru Bob’s, they get into a big fight because Denny tried to run the business by himself. Judy, the dog, coughs and then throws up while the people are fighting. Peggy’s research shows that it’s a finger that looks like it belongs to a woman. While Denny is disgusted, Peggy sees dollar signs and is happy.

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