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High Desert Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date: What Will Happen Next With Denny and Peggy?

High Desert Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date: High Desert is an American comedy TV show that started on Apple TV+ on May 17, 2023. It was made and written by Nancy Fichman, Katie Ford, and Jennifer Hoppe-House.

The show is about a drug user named Peggy, played by Patricia Arquette, who chooses to start over after her mother dies. Peggy and her mother lived in a small desert town in California called Yucca Valley. She decides to change her whole life by becoming a private investigator.

The fifth episode of High Desert Season 1 was called “Soul Retrieval.” It came out on May 31, 2023. but when will Episode 6 of High Desert come out? Let’s read this article and find everything. Scroll down and read the whole piece to find out everything you need to know.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 6 Quick Info!

Title A Nod Is Not a Hello
Written by Nancy Fichman, Katie Ford, Jennifer Hoppe
Season Season 1
Episode 6
Where to Read Apple Tv+
Release Date June 7, 2023

When And Where to Watch High Desert Season 1 Episode 6?

On Apple TV+, the next show will come out on June 7, 2023. It will be out at 3 a.m. EST. “A Nod Is Not a Hello” is the name of Episode 6, which will run for 30 minutes. On the date above, anyone in the world can watch episode 6 of High Desert season 1 on Apple TV+.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 6 Spoilers! 

Peggy investigates the finger she discovered and determines that it belonged to Dona all along. Peggy and Denny are becoming the targets of Guru Bob’s advances. Because of Denny’s erratic behavior, Peggy’s inquiry ends up in a tangle.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date

What Happens in High Desert Season 1 Episode 5? 

We begin with Peggy and Denny going to the place where he said the silver would be to get it. The two of them talk about the good old days. In the middle of all of this, the people who live in the house come home, but Denny drops a bunch of silver on the way out the door, so the two getaway.

Denny told Peggy that they could get almost $20,000 for the silver when he told her about the idea. But when they take it to a pawn shop, they only get $5,000 for it, which makes Peggy mad. Peggy comes to talk to Bruce and give him the money he needs to get back on his feet. He is happy that she wants to help and even starts to cry.

Bruce then sends her on her first job, which is to find out if a woman is cheating on her husband. She gets Carol to do the job for her, of course. Carol tells Peggy that she is worried about her working with Denny again, but Peggy acts like nothing is wrong. You can also read the full High Desert Season 1 Episode 5 Recap on our Website Jerseyshorevibe.

How Many Episodes Will Be in the First Season of High Desert?

The first season of High Desert has eight episodes. Over the course of six episodes, viewers will have the chance to really get into the complicated and interesting world of the show. The series has a total of eight episodes, which is enough time for the plot to grow, the characters to change, and the audience to get completely caught up in the drama.

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High Desert Season 1 Episode 5 Rating!

Everyone looks at a show’s number to decide how good it is. Most of the time, looking at how well a show does in the numbers is the best way to find out if it will keep airing. The higher your rank, the better your chances of making it. IMDb gives the show a good score of 7.1/10.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date


The American humor show High Desert premiered on Apple TV+ on May 17, 2023. It’s about a drug addict named Peggy who chooses to change her life by becoming a private eye. “A Nod Is Not a Hello,” the next show, will air on June 7, 2023, at 3 a.m. EST. IMDb gives the show a score of 7.1 out of 10. Stay tuned with JerseyShoreVibe for more future updates.

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