Whatever the Princess Desires Chapter 90 Release Date: Where Can I Read It?

After Faire ended his engagement with Navel in the previous chapter, readers are interested to see what happens in Chapter 90.

Faire was already wary of the earrings before he found out the witch had owned them, and he was even more hesitant to take them off after learning the witch’s history with them.

However, returning it to its original owner seemed like the moral thing to do if, as Navel said, he was unaffected by such thoughts. Faire probed Lemon on whether he could love her again and whether he wanted to try to make amends with her. Lemon blacks out after receiving the earrings from Faire. A panic has set in at the navel.

Lemon told her that he needed to rest since his body was changing. Once Faire’s body returned to normal, Lemon told Navel that he would make a full recovery thanks to the money.

Navel thought he had died again like the last time and panicked, but he was spared. Pine said it was time to give Jean the earrings now that the ritual was through.

Whatever the Princess Wants! is the topic of this article. Release Date for Chapter 90, Season Recap, and More! If you want to know everything about it, you’ll have to scroll down and read the whole article.

Whatever the Princess Desires Chapter 90 Release Date

According to sources, On Saturday, June 3, 2023, at 11:00 p.m., the 90th chapter of Whatever the Princess Wants will be released. Time in Korea is set to KST.

Title Whatever the Princess Desires!
Author Plutus
Chapter 90
Release Date June 3, 2023

When Manta’s 90th chapter finally arrives, it will be titled “Whatever the Princess Wants.” Mangakakalot is another great place to check out the series.

Whatever the Princess Desires Chapter 89 Recap: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

Navel questioned Lemon and Jean about what they were doing, and Lemon reminded him that she insisted on giving Jean the earrings. Since the earrings were meant to be worn in the earlobes, Navel assured her that hugging her wouldn’t have any effect on them.

Lemon inquired as to whether or not Jean had his ears pierced. Given that Jean did not get his ears pierced, he requested that they find another option. Pine acknowledged that he had no choice but to get his ears pierced.

Whatever the Princess Desires Chapter 90 Release Date

Jean approached her and scolded her, calling her “very low” for casting a binding spell on him. Even though he couldn’t break the charm, Lemon reassured him. The idea of having his ears pierced was uncomfortable for Jean, and he said as much.

Lemon assured him she would do anything she could to ease his pain. No one expected Jean to act the way he did, and as Lemon observed, his new piercings didn’t complement his antics.

Lemon acknowledged that she worried the attire wouldn’t look well on him. She did not think, however, that Jean would look particularly unattractive in the photo. Pine inquired as to Lemon’s next steps now that the curse had been lifted, and Lemon offered him the eye.

Where To Read Whatever the Princess Desires! Chapter 90?

Whatever It Is That the Princess Wants! On Manta, you’ll be able to read chapter 90 soon.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Whatever the Princess Desires Chapter series. Such Shows Include Oshi No Ko Episode 9, Oshi No Ko Episode 8, and more.


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