Bloodhounds Season 1 Release Date: A Netflix Original Series Coming in 2023!

Bloodhounds Season 1 Release Date: A new Korean show called Bloodhounds will be shown for the first time on Netflix soon. It is a crime story based on the cartoon Sanyanggaedeul by Jung Chan.

It’s about two young boxers who work with a kind moneylender to stop a cruel loan shark who takes advantage of poor people. If you like action-packed K-dramas, you won’t want to miss this. Here is everything you need to know about when Season 1 of Bloodhounds will come out and more.

Bloodhounds Season 1 Release Date!

Netflix said that the Korean-made show Bloodhounds will come out in October 2022. Jason Kim makes the show. He has written and directed movies like Midnight Runners, The Divine Fury, and My Heart Puppy, which are all very well-known in Korea. The show is also based on Jung Chan’s novel Sanyanggaedeul, which has been posted online in parts since 2019.

On June 9, 2023, everyone in the world will be able to watch the first season of Bloodhounds on Netflix. There will be eight shows in the first season, and each one will last about an hour. The whole season will come out at once, unlike some other Netflix releases. You can watch it all at once or spread it out over a few days.

Bloodhounds Season 1 Release Date

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What is the Storyline of Bloodhounds Season 1?

The film Bloodhounds follows the lives of two aspiring teenage boxers by the names of Kim Geon Woo and Hong Woo Jin. They are striving to achieve success in the competitive money loan industry.

They do business with President Choi, a generous moneylender who provides them with an opportunity to escape the financial trap in which they find themselves. But very quickly, they find themselves embroiled in a perilous game with Kim Myung Gil, who is a vicious loan shark who preys on those who are financially vulnerable.

As they put their lives in danger to get rid of him, they learn the truth about their own histories and the ways in which they are related.

Bloodhounds Cast: Who plays roles in Bloodhounds?

Kim Geon Woo will be played by Woo Do Hwan. Woo Do Hwan has been in two Korean series on Netflix so far: My Country: The New Age and The King: Eternal Monarch. The actor has also been in shows like “Tempted,” “Mad Dog,” and “Save Me” that were not on Netflix.

Hong Woo Jin will be played by Lee Sang Yi. He has been in three Korean series that are available on Netflix: Prison Playbook, When the Camellia Blooms, and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.

Bloodhounds Season 1 Release Date

Jung Da Eun plays a main role in the drama, but no one knows what that part is called yet. So far, the only thing she’s done on Netflix is making a guest appearance in the first season of D.P. Cha Hyeon Joo will be played by Kim Sae Ron. In Bloodhounds, she will be seen for the first time on Netflix.

Kim Myung Gil will be played by Park Sung Woong. He has only been in the Korean drama Rugal on OCN and the comedy Crash Landing on You on tvN. Park Sung Woong has been in a lot of shows and movies that aren’t on Netflix, like She Is Wow!, Hidden Identity, and Remember: War of the Son.

President Choi will be played by Heo Joon Ho. He has been in two original Netflix shows, like Kingdom and Designated Survivor: 60 Days.

Is There Any Trailer for the First Season of Bloodhounds?

A teaser for the first season of Bloodhounds has been uploaded by Netflix on the primary channel of its YouTube presence. You may view it down below to get an idea of the thrills and chills that are in store for you during the course of this series.


Bloodhounds is a riveting South Korean television program that will have you on the edge of your seat thanks to its intriguing cast of characters. If you are looking for a new Korean drama to watch on Netflix, you should look out for the first season of Bloodhounds, which will be available on that platform on June 9, 2023. Stay tuned with JerseyShoreVibe for more future updates.



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