Lookism Chapter 452 Release Date and Where to Read It: The Best Sites to Enjoy the Manga Online!

Lookism Chapter 452 Release Date: Are you eager to read Lookism Chapter 452? After all the hard work it took to get into the Mental Ward of the First Affiliate, the story has become very interesting and fun to read.

This is what makes the next episode of Lookism so exciting because along with the new twist in the story, we will also get to see how the rest of the Affiliate will respond.

The new chapter starts with Baek Hangyeoul, the First Affiliate President of the Workers. One of their gang members runs up to him and tells him that they are in trouble because the Allied is on its way to the Mental Ward.

Today, in addition to telling you when Lookism Chapter 452 will come out, we will also tell you what will happen next in the story after this change and what you can expect the Allied to do.

When and Where to Read Lookism Chapter 452?

The next chapter of Lookism will come out on June 8, 2023. You can read Lookism Chapter 452 on WebToon at the times, dates, and times in different time zones that we’ve listed. All of the most recent chapters are in English.

Lookism Chapter 452 Release Date

You can also read the manhwa in Chinese on WebToon China, in Japanese on LINE, and in its original raw form on Naver. If you loved Lookism, we highly recommend reading out these two interesting articles One Piece and Jinx  to increase your Thrill Level.

Lookism Chapter 452 Spoilers: What Will Happen Next?

After that, we find out that Daniel Park goes up to Jay when he is alone in the classroom and asks him if he is Jay Hong. He also thanks Jay for helping out before, says that things would have gotten out of hand without him, and asks Jay to be his friend from now on.

We also find out what happened to Zack Lee in the past, along with Jay. With the help of a flashback, we see Daniel Park tell Zack Lee that the workers have caught Johan Seong, and Daniel says that no matter how he looks at it, it looks like they got him when Big Deal was taken down.

Lookism Chapter 451 Recap!

This guy also says that their private use first responders are holding them back on the first basement floor. However, it seems to him that they are completely outmatched, which is why he thinks they need a special countermeasure from the Director of the First Affiliate and asks him what he thinks they can do.

When the scene moves to Hudson’s, the gang boss is right in front of Hudson Ahn. We see the boss tell him that even if it’s pitch black at night, the sun will come out and light everything up, which is why he calls Hudson Ahn “the Sun.” This person tells Hudson Ahn that he shouldn’t let a few losses turn him dark. No matter what, he will always be the Sun Hudson Ahn, which Ma Taesoo knows.

Lookism Chapter 452 Release Date

He also tells Hudson Ahn that he must have gone to Eli Jang and shown him a new world and what Ahsan’s Sun is made of. Later in the chapter, we see that when Jay was fighting at the Mental Ward, he had a memory of his father, Steve Hong, the H group chairman, yelling at him and telling him that there is no longer a Jay Hong in the family. He then throws Jay out and tells him to live however he wants.


On June 8, 2023, the next part of Lookism will come out. It shows the First Affiliate President of the Workers, Baek Hangyeoul, being told that the Allied is going to the Mental Ward. Daniel Park asks Jay if he is Jay Hong and then asks him to be his friend from now on. He also tells Zack Lee that the workers have caught Johan Seong, and it looks like they got him when Big Deal was taken down. Visit Jerseyshorevibe again soon for more Manga-related content!


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