Overgeared Chapter 184 Release Date: How to Read Latest Chapter Online?

Overgeared Chapter 184 Release Date: Overgeared is a comic written by LEE Dong Wook and drawn by Team Argo. It is about Shin Youngwoo, who is a loser in real life and a low-level player in the online game “Satisfy.” But his luck changes when he finds an item with a strong effect. He then becomes “Pagma’s Successor,” a famous class.

With this newly found skill, Shin can make the most powerful weapons and arm himself with the most powerful gear in the game. He plays the game because he wants to be known and make money. Shin finds out that people start to notice him because of his amazing abilities when he learns that becoming a hero isn’t always easy.

For him to become great, both in the game and in his personal life, he has to overcome a number of hurdles and conflicts. As the story goes on, he learns about the effects of his acts on Satisfy and the unintended effects of being a hero. Shin tries to figure out his future in Overgeared. He has to deal with the complicated virtual world and the effects of his discovered power.

In this article, we will discuss Overgeared Chapter 184 Release Date, a recap of the previous chapter, and much more. So we will just recommend you all to go through the entire article and you will find all your answers.

When Will Overgeared Chapter 184 Come Out and How to Read It?

The next chapter of Overgeared will come out on June 9, 2023. You can find “Overgeared Chapter 184” online on Kakaopage and other sites and media that are related to it. Since the book is known for always coming out on time, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for new chapters.

Overgeared Chapter 184 Release Date

Make sure to read from legal sources when you want to help and thank the people who make manga. If you enjoy this manga, we also urge you to read the romance and historical manhwa Jinx and SSS-Class Suicide Hunter .

Overgeared Chapter 183 Recap!

The journey in Overgeared Chapter 183 takes readers on a thrilling trip full of shocks and sad moments. In this chapter, Grid takes part in a “pet marathon” to show how well he can train animals. Even though it starts out as a funny event, it quickly turns into a dramatic show that tests Grid’s resolve and keeps viewers interested.

In this chapter, the dragons do something fun for themselves: they breed drakes. Even though they are not as smart or strong as dragons, drakes are still the most powerful animals. With a minimum level of 260 and twice the speed and power of griffons, they become the focus of pet marathon competitors.

The grid has been scary since the National Competition, so everyone is surprised when he calls up a small cat with wings that look like those of Persian cats. Pet experts worry that the drakes might eat the cat because of its size, but commenters love how cute the cat looks.

The Grid is still motivated to show that people are wrong when they say he can’t make something that will help pet tame. Grid is sure of Noe, his brave cat who is tied to a powerful creature from hell called a Memphis. Noe helped South Korea get third place in the National Competition, which was a good result.

As the event goes on, Noe’s anxiety becomes more obvious, and Grid can feel it. Noe jumps into Grid’s arms because he thinks the smell of the drakes is that of dragons. The grid doesn’t understand why Noe is so worried, so he tells him to face his enemies. Even though Noe is the biggest demon beast from hell, Grid is still sure that he is better than the drakes.

When Grid and Noe’s look is caught on camera, however, people become angry and upset. Animal rights activists speak out as Grid is eaten by dragons, which makes people laugh, cry, and boo. When committee members see the cute cat being eaten by dragons, they think about leaving Grid.

Overgeared Chapter 184 Release Date

This scene has a strong emotional effect, especially on young children. The chapter shows how confused Noe is because he thinks he is near a dragon because of the smell of the drake.

But Nyang’s tricks finally make Noe realize what’s really going on, which makes him angry. One of the most remembered parts of the chapter is when Noe eats the body of a drake, which makes the owner of the drake worried.


Shin Youngwoo, a low-level player in the online game Satisfy, is the main character in the comic Overgeared, which was written by LEE Dong Wook and drawn by Team Argo. He gets “Pagma’s Successor,” a popular class, when he finds an item with a strong effect. Shin must get past problems and conflicts and learn how his actions affect Satisfy and what being a hero does that he didn’t plan for. Only then can he become great. On June 9, 2023, the next part of Overgeared will come out. Check back with JerseyShoreVibe for more news in the future.

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