Remarried Empress Chapter 136 Release Date and How to Read Online for Free!

Remarried Empress Chapter 136 Release Date: In Remarried Empress, Navier Eli Trovi, an Empress, tells the story of how Rashta, the Emperor’s Mistress, forced her out of her job. Rashta and Emperor Sovieshu met when she “accidentally” fell into an animal trap while he was hunting. Sovieshu fell in love with her as soon as he saw her. He liked her so much that he brought her back to the castle. And officially makes her his wife.

All of this happened without Navier’s knowledge. Even though it’s not unusual for an Emperor to have a lover, there is no rule that says the Empress has to get along with her. Rashta may look like a sweet and innocent girl, but as Captain Holt once said, she is as sweet as poison pie.

Rashta is rude and tries to make people angry. When they respond to her taunts, she starts crying, making the person who started it look like the victim. Also, it turns out that she always lies to get what she wants, and when she gets caught, she does her usual tricks. She has the Emperor curled around her finger, and she is actively trying to get Navier’s Position.

Even though Naiver and Sovieshu got married because it was convenient for both of them, he had grown to care about her. And it hurt her that he brought in a strange woman off the street. At this point, Prince Heinrey enters the story. He is first in line for the Throne of the Western Kingdom, and Empress Naiver seems to like him. At first, they talked to each other through a bird.

In this article, we will discuss Remarried Empress Chapter 136 Release Date, spoilers and a recap of previous chapter. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

When and Where to Read Remarried Empress Chapter 136?

Chapter 136 of Remarried Empress will come out on or around June 8, 2023. You can read Naver Comics and Naver Series to find Remarried Empress Chapter 136 Raw. At this time, you can read the first 132 chapters of the Manhwa for free whenever you want. You have two options for getting to the rest of the stories. If you enjoyed reading this manga, you might also be interested in reading Lookism Chapter 452 and Record Of Ragnarok

Remarried Empress Chapter 135 Recap!

Navier and Heinrey finally got married, and there were no problems with the service. Sovieshu seems very upset that Navier left him for someone else. Since he brought Rashta into their lives and then asked her to live with them, it’s only fair. The day before her wedding to Heinrey, Sovieshu is drunk and crying about Navier.

Remarried Empress Chapter 136 Release Date

Heinrey seems to understand Navier very well and wants to make sure she is happy no matter what. He even turned the Western Kingdom into the Western Empire for Navier, making Heinrey and Navier the first Emperor and Empress of the West. Rashta looks like she doesn’t like what she has. Even though she is pregnant with Sovieshu’s child and is not the temporary queen.

She pretends to congratulate Naiver on her wedding, but the real reason she does this is to get under her skin. She said that they are now on the same level as each other and are sisters. But Naiver told her that wasn’t true and that she should call the other women Sovieshu might bring to the castle her sisters. Rashta goes too far when she tells everyone that Naiver can’t have children.

The women who worked for her were furious and almost attacked her. But Napier’s brother was close enough to hear and helped her. He asks Naiver if she is a slave and says he has papers for Rashta’s sale as a slave with him. Rashta was shocked to the core, but she walked away anyway. Rashta is yelling at Viscount Lotteshu back in the Eastern Empire.

Rashta used to work at Viscount Lotteshu Manor as a slave. He even gave her a child. Rashta is said to have left her master. This would mean that the reports that she was a slave who got away were true. But Rashta made a deal with Viscount Lotteshu that he wouldn’t say anything about it if he kept quiet. But he plans to teach her a lesson after that day. From what I can tell, he is going to use the child she had with him against her.

Spoilers and Predictions for The Remarried Empress Chapter 136!

In Chapter 136 of Remarried Empress, we will find out what Viscount Lotteshu meant when he said he wants to teach Rashta a lesson. We know he wants to use their son against her.

Remarried Empress Chapter 136 Release Date

No one really knows what happened between Rashta and Viscount Lotteshu or if she has another kid. Rashta is ready to do anything to keep her standing, so if Viscount Lotteshu keeps going in this direction, things might not go so well for him.

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Navier Eli Trovi, who is an Empress, tells the story of Rashta, who was the Emperor’s Mistress and fired Eli. Rashta is rude and tries to make people mad. She also lies to get what she wants. Prince Heinrey comes into the story, and it looks like Empress Naiver likes him. The next chapter of Remarried Empress will come out on or around June 8, 2023. The first 132 chapters of the Manhwa can be read for free. Stay tuned with JerseyShoreVibe for more future updates.

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