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Men in Kilts Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Return for the Second Season?

Men in Kilts Season 2: Sam Heughan will reunite with Outlander co-star Graham McTavish for another exhilarating adventure in the upcoming season. This time, their passion for expedition leads them to the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, the adventure capital of the globe.

Following their previous adventures in Scotland, where they delighted audiences by investigating iconic Outlander locations, donning kilts, relishing fine whiskies, and engaging in mischievous activities, Heughan and McTavish are set to embark on a brand-new journey in Australia.

Expect to be captivated as they traverse breathtaking landscapes, unveil local customs, and unquestionably create excitement wherever they go. Prepare for another unforgettable season of exploration and camaraderie as these charismatic Scottish actors immerse themselves in New Zealand’s natural marvels.

As devoted fans, we can only fathom the pleasure and exhilaration this announcement brings. The upcoming season of “Men in Kilts” is certain to be a delectable combination of travel, cultural immersion, and the unique friendship between Heughan and McTavish. With each episode, we will be transported alongside them, experiencing and discovering them.

When Will the Second Season of Men in Kilts Premiere?

On Friday, August 11, at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time, the highly anticipated premiere of the program will take place on the Starz app. As if that weren’t enough, viewers can also watch the program on the Starz network later that same day, specifically at 9:30 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.

Men in Kilts Season 2

New episodes will be available every Friday at midnight on the Starz app and across all Starz streaming and on-demand platforms to assure a steady supply of exhilarating content.

The program will also be available on Starz’s linear platform, allowing viewers to enjoy the adventures on their televisions if they prefer. Consequently, whether you choose to stream or tune in to the network, you won’t miss a moment of the captivating voyage as it transpires week after week.

Men in Kilts Season 2: Possible Storyline!

Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham is gearing up for the premiere of its highly anticipated second season on August 11. This time, Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish engage on a four-part expedition in the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, which is widely regarded as the adventure capital of the world.

The upcoming season promises a thrilling journey filled with daring adventures, including a heart-pounding zip line excursion, as teased by captivating first-look images. These glimpses also illustrate the enduring friendship and camaraderie between Heughan and McTavish, which adds an additional dimension of delight to the series.

Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham is the creation of Heughan and McTavish, who also serve as executive producers along with Alexander Norouzi, Andrew Fried, Dane Lillegard, Sarina Roma, and the series’ director, Kevin Johnston. Produced by Boardwalk Pictures and Sony Pictures Television, the show provides an engaging and captivating look at the escapades of these two charismatic Scottish actors.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Men in Kilts Season 2?

The talented actors of the second season of Men in Kilts, Heughan, and McTavish, bring a plethora of experience from their previous collaboration on the popular television series Outlander. Heughan, renowned for his portrayal of Jamie Fraser in Outlander, has demonstrated his performing abilities in a variety of projects.

Men in Kilts Season 2

McTavish, renowned for his portrayal of Dougal MacKenzie in Outlander, has a vast array of roles in critically acclaimed television series. McTavish’s undeniable aptitude and adaptability have enabled him to seamlessly immerse himself in a variety of characters, captivating audiences with his performances in a variety of captivating stories.

Is There Any Trailer for Men in Kilts Season 2?

There is currently no official trailer available, but rest assured that as soon as one becomes available, it will be posted on this page and will provide you with a tantalizing preview of the upcoming excursions. As you eagerly await the Men in Kilts Season 2, quench your thirst for more by immersing yourself in these two fascinating articles Euphoria Season 3 and Xo, Kitty Season 2   Which give you more entertainment and fun.


Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish will reunite for an impending season of “Men in Kilts” They will explore the natural wonders of New Zealand, Australia, and Australia. New episodes will be available every Friday at midnight on the Starz app and all Starz streaming and on-demand platforms. Stay tuned with JerseyShoreVibe for more future updates.


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