Dark Desire Season 3 Release Date: Prepare for the Most Epic Season Yet!

Dark Desire Season 3: The second season of Dark Desire came out on Netflix on February 2, giving fans a chance to see what happened after the huge cliffhanger at the end of the first season. Fans now want to know if there will be a third season of Dark Desire.

When Dark Desire came out in July 2020, it was the non-English movie on Netflix that people watched the most. It was said that in the first four weeks after the first season came out, 35 million people watched it.

It’s not surprising that so many people watched the Netflix original series because it has so many unique story twists and is very addicting. As soon as you watch the first show, you can’t stop. It moves quickly, has great acting, and is full of mystery and excitement.

People want more episodes because it’s just too hard to stop watching a show like this. Well, we’re about to tell you if the story will continue or not in Dark Desire season 3.

Will There Be a Third Season of Dark Desire?

There won’t be a third season, which is too bad. When Netflix revived Dark Desire for a second season in August 2020, the streamer said that the second season would be the last.

The second season pretty much tied up all the loose ends. So a third season isn’t really necessary. Alma gets Dario to say that he killed his wife Julieta at the end of the second season. Dario’s plan wasn’t easy, but with Esteban’s help and a shot of sodium pentothal, he was able to tell Esteban his deepest, darkest secret.

Dark Desire Season 3

Then we see Dario chained to a hospital bed and Alma having a cigarette as she walks down the street. She is finally done with the man who caused her so much pain and trouble. There were still some open ends at the end of season 2, but they weren’t big ones.

Even though it’s unlikely that there will be a third season of Dark Desire, fans shouldn’t give up all hope. If there is enough interest to make a third season worth making, Netflix might just keep making the show. But for now, this is the end of the Dark Desire series of thrillers.

How Many Seasons Are There of Dark Desire?

Dark Desire only has two seasons, and you can watch both of them right now on Netflix. The first season has 18 episodes, and the second season has 15 episodes in total. The shows don’t go on for more than 40 minutes. You should also read about Mix Season 3 and Hocus Pocus 3 which are a combination of horror and comedy.

What Happens at the End of the Second Season of Dark Desire?

Alma had figured out about 70 percent of this puzzle before she talked to Darió. She didn’t understand the full picture until they were already in the midst of making out. She insisted on knowing all about his history with Lys and Julieta before agreeing to run away with him, and he eventually admitted to her that he had faked being their twin.

To be honest, it was all an act. Alma manipulated Darió into believing in her in an effort to extract a confession from him about Julieta’s murder. Her initial strategy of “trust only” failed, so she resorted to more drastic measures.

Dark Desire Season 3

Darió had to be lured to an abandoned floor of the building with the help of Esteban and a voice changer, where he would be confronted at gunpoint once more by the police. After it failed too, Alma resorted to her backup plan: the truth serum. Alma convinced Darió, with the use of sodium pentothal injections, to admit that he was responsible for Julieta’s death. Success can now be declared.

In the dying minutes of the second season of Dark Desire, Alma smoked her last cigarette and disclosed her big plan. Darió saw that he was restrained to the hospital bed as she opened it. This potentially disruptive individual appears to have vanished.


Dark Desire was the most popular non-English movie on Netflix, with 35 million people watching it in the first four weeks. There won’t be a third season, but fans should not give up hope. Alma manipulated Darió into believing in her to extract a confession from him about Julieta’s death, using “trust only” and “truth serum”. IMDB Gave a Rating of 6.5 to Dark Desire, which is a good rating.

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