Is Thirteen Lives Based On A True Story? Where Are the ‘Thirteen Lives’ Now?

Is Thirteen Lives Based On A True Story? When a film’s plot is based on actual events, it generates a deeper emotional impact on the audience. People feel more connected and enjoy the film more as a result. They feel more connected to the events of the film, and these films are worthwhile to observe.

The 2018 film Thirteen Lives tells the story of 12 boys rescued from Thailand’s cavies. This film was directed by Ron Howard and released in 2022. On August 5, 2022, this movie also began streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The film stars Tom Bateman, Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen, and Joel Edgerton, among others. The film was released in both English and Thai.

Is Thirteen Lives Based On A True Story?

Yes, this film is inspired by the Tham Luang cave rescue mission in Thailand. It is a highly accurate dramatization of the actual event. The screenwriter, William Nicholson, along with the director and producer, Ron Howard, have worked to create this film similar to the actual event. This film accurately depicts the true tale and the tense events that transpired.

What Was the True Incident Behind It?

This incident occurred in June 2018 when 12 boys aged 11 to 16 years old and their soccer coach became stranded while investigating a cave in Tham Luang Nang Non. They had planned to commemorate the birthday of one of the players there, but a deluge blocked their exit, leaving them stranded.

Is Thirteen Lives Based On A True Story

They drank water that was trickling down the cave walls and also dug into the earth and congregated for warmth. Their coach’s instruction in meditation helped the athletes maintain composure.

After all of the rescue divers’ efforts on 10 July 2018, the lads were successfully extracted from the cave. Additionally, local Thais rushed to the rescue. However, one of the cave explorers perished from lack of oxygen as he emerged from the cave. A year later, a second diver perished from an infection contracted during the rescue.

This rescue mission required considerable international cooperation. During the mission, more than a billion liters of water were drained out, and more than ten thousand individuals were involved. The confined lads and their coach eventually escaped the cave with only minor injuries. If you like this movie you should also read about Fake Profile and Invasion Season 3

Where Are the ‘Thirteen Lives’ Now?

The preponderance of the rescued individuals still resides in Thailand. They continue to be dedicated to both sports and education. The only English-speaking child who communicated with the initial rescue teams has left for the United States. He is enrolled in New York’s Master’s School. The instructor, who was formerly a monastic, established the Eakapol Academy, his own football training academy.

Thirteen Lives Also Stays True to Events Outside the Caves

Not only does Thirteen Lives accurately depict the central cave rescue, but also the broader context. The mission would not have been possible without the support of thousands of individuals, not just a few Western males. In actuality, hundreds of specialists, officials, and volunteers, including engineers, physicians, journalists, and religious leaders, congregated in a makeshift town to offer whatever assistance they could to the operation.

Is Thirteen Lives Based On A True Story

The film repeatedly emphasizes the significance of these contributions, with the drainage operation led by Thanet Natisri, a Thai engineer based in the United States, serving as a prime example. His conclusion was that the only way to evacuate the water would be to damage the local farmers’ livelihoods by flooding their fields.

Instead of alluding to this, Howard devotes entire sequences to Natisri and depicts the farmers consenting to the plan altruistically. Although the dramatic images of water gushing onto their rice terraces appear to be fabricated for the film, the details are accurate. The only probable exception is that the film understates the scope of this particular drainage operation, which involved hundreds of Thai volunteers and soldiers.


Thirteen Lives is a 2018 film based on a true story about 12 boys rescued from Thailand’s cavies. It is a highly accurate dramatization of the actual event, featuring Tom Bateman, Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen, and Joel Edgerton. Stay tuned with Jerseyshorevibe for more entertainment.

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