South Korean Horror Series Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date, Production Update, and Renewal Status!

 Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date: The South Korean horror series Sweet Home, starring Song Kang, Lee Jin-Wook, and Lee Si-young, is available for streaming. The Netflix series premiered on December 18, 2020, and is based on the Naver webtoon of the same name by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan, which received over 2.1 billion net views.

The anticipated release date of the second season is 2023. The second and third seasons have begun production. In addition, Sweet Home is the first South Korean series to join the Netflix Top 10 in the United States, ranking third.

If you are one of those show aficionados who cannot wait for the next season of Sweet Home to premiere, then we are here to provide you with all the information we have about the upcoming season. Following is information regarding Season 2 of Sweet Home. Make sure to take a peek.

Is Sweet Home Renewed for Season 2?

Fans will be pleased to learn that Sweet Home has been renewed for a third season, which will be shot concurrently with the second. According to the video description of the official announcement of the return of Sweet Home, seasons 2 and 3 are currently in production. Beginning in 2023 in South Korea, production on the second season began. It was originally scheduled to conclude in the middle of February 2023.

 Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

On March 13, it was reported that the second season’s filming had concluded. At the conclusion of filming, Go Min-si made a statement on Instagram. In the first month that Sweet Home was available on Netflix, it appeared on at least 32 top 10 lists around the globe. Sweet Home is the most popular Netflix film in South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Season 2 of Sweet Home Cast!

We do not currently have precise details regarding the official cast list for the upcoming season. Moreover, we believe it is reasonable to assume that the majority of the show’s principal characters and series regulars will return for another season. Considering the same, the prospective season ensemble is listed below.

Actor/Actress Character
Song Kang Cha Hyun-soo
Lee Jin-wook Pyeon Sang-wook
Lee Eugene Young Pyeon Sang-wook
Lee Si-young Seo Yi-kyung
Go Min-si Lee Eun-yoo
Park Gyu-young Yoon Ji-soo
Yu Oh-seong Sergeant Tak In-hwan
Oh Jung-se Dr. Lim
Kim Mu-yeol Kim Young-hoo
Jung Jin-young Park Chan-young

The Plotline of Sweet Home Season 2!

The premise of the forthcoming season is currently unknown. However, we are aware that the show generally adheres to After an unexpected family catastrophe, Cha Hyun-soo transfers out of his home and into an apartment.

 Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

Following this, creatures begin to materialize. Realizing that monsters skulk everywhere outside, the apartment’s occupants are confined inside the building. Hyun-su and other occupants seek to protect themselves within the building for as long as possible. Furthermore, we believe it is reasonable to assume that the next season will take up where the previous one left off.

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Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

According to the IndiaShort, the second season of Sweet Home is scheduled to premiere in 2023. The release date for Season 2 has not yet been announced. You should also read about Tell Me A Story Season 3 and White House Plumbers if you like this show.


Netflix’s Sweet Home is a Korean drama based on a webcomic by Yongchan Hwang. It has been renewed for a second and third season, both of which will be shot concurrently with the second season. Cha Hyun Soo and his companions attempt to flee from creatures in the second season of Sweet Home. The cast includes Song Kang, Lee Jin-uk, Lee Si-young, Ko Min-si, Park Gyu-young Yoo, Oh-Seong Oh Jung-Se Kim Mu-Yeol Jin-young. Stay tuned with Jerseyshorevibe for more upcoming updates.

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