Grandma's Meatball

Grandma’s Meatball combines authentic Italian cuisine with NYC-bistro chic

By Elana Knopp
Staff Writer


Grandma’s Meatball is a lot more than just meatballs.

Just ask manager, Anthony Lombardo, who runs the family’s upscale Italian bistro located in Manasquan.

Opened in 2015, Lombardo said that the New York City-style eatery and BYOB uses his grandmother’s authentic Italian meatball recipe and marinara sauce.

Part of what sets Grandma’s Meatball apart is that all of their pasta is made fresh, on premises, along with their freshly-made homemade mozzarella.

“We serve fresh, homemade pasta,” Lombardo told JerseyShoreVibe, who said that the only boxed pasta is high-end gluten-free choices. “All of the pasta is homemade and made on premises. You don’t see that too often anymore.”

According to Lombardo, customers rave about the food, including some popular favorites such as their Veal Bolognese, meatballs, escarole and bean soup, and filet mignon and steaks.

“We use nothing but prime when it comes to veal and steak,” Lombardo said. “We use the best.”

Grandma’s Meatball offers such favorites as Fettucine Alfredo, Chateaubriand, Stuffed Calamari alla Cantania, pork chop with apple cider bourbon sauce, and pan-seared Alaskan cod and salmon.

Photos courtesy of Grandma's Meatball

“When people come in, whatever they order, they say it’s the best food they’ve ever had,” Lombardo said.

Lombardo said that he employs three chefs, and they are all kept very busy. “My chefs are busy all day,” Lombardo said.

Desserts are another specialty and one of the highlights.

“All desserts are homemade,” Lombardo said.

On offer is Sicilian-style cheesecake, tiramisu, cannoli, dark chocolate raspberry layer cake, coconut custard pie, and tartufo. The bistro offers a unique and mouthwatering Dessert Sampler, which includes cannoli-filled zeppola, crème brulee, chocolate-covered strawberries, and chocolate lava cake.

With an awning outside and outdoor seating during the warmer months, Grandma’s Meatball captures the essence of a modern bistro combined with old-world authentic Italian cuisine.

Grandma’s Meatball is located at 109 Taylor Ave. (Rt. 71 South) in Manasquan. They can be reached at 732-292-4580 or on their website at

Reservations are accepted by phone or email at

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