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Meet the Weeklings!

Updated: May 10, 2019

Beatlemania isn’t dead. There is a place for all of us Beatles fans to go and close our eyes and pretend. The Weeklings are Jersey Shore musicians that craft a cool mix of amazing Beatles covers and more. They actually put a band together with that authentic early 1960's sound.

Meet The Weeklings! The band formed in 2014 with the mindset of recording little known Beatles-written songs. The band is Glen (Lefty) Burtnik, Bob (Zeek) Burger, John (Rocky) Merjave and Joe (Smokestack) Bellia.

Burtnik is a singer, songwriter, entertainer and can play multiple instruments, best known as a former member of Styx. The musician is originally from North Brunswick and currently lives in Asbury Park. Burtnik has written hit songs for Randy Travis, Patty Smyth and Don Henley.

The band’s own compositions harken back to the simple sound of the early Fab Four. Lefty, Zeek, Rocky and Smokestack serve up great nostalgia and great music to an audience that loves the journey through the entire Beatles impressive catalog.

The Weeklings were amazingly resourceful and were able to crowd-fund a trip to the legendary Abbey Road Studios in England to record Studio 2, their second album which includes eight originals and four Lennon/McCartney covers.

This band brings Burtnik’s career full circle. In 1978, he was cast in the West Coast production of Beatlemania where he portrayed Paul. Burtnik would go on to release several solo albums, become a member of Styx and The Orchestra (members of Electric Light Orchestra) and be credited with the several number one hits.

With The Weeklings, Burtnik is able to play the music he loves while writing and performing new songs as well. The band has released a holiday song, done in their one-of-a-kind style. It is a cool fusion of “Winter Wonderland” and The Beatles’ “Revolution.”

The video for the song, which opens with a very familiar downtown Asbury Park and features a holiday season sign saying “Greetings From Asbury Park”.

Watch The Weeklings Holiday Video

Close your eyes, slip on those mod Beatles boots and Meet the Weeklings! You won't be disappointed.

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