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Cruise Nights in America: Memories from a Bygone Era

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

If you were lucky enough to grow up in the 1950’s, 1960’s and even the 1970’s you got to experience some wonderful American traditions, great music, some great fashion, drive-in restaurants and amazing cars. Yes, the cars were memorable, their designs were timeless, loaded with chrome, two-toned, white-walled pieces of art.

Luckily a lot of those beautiful pieces of rolling thunder have been saved from the crushers and the long-forgotten junk yards in America. Thanks to some car enthusiasts the feeling, the memories and look of those assembly line beauties have not only been saved but lovingly restored to their original glory.

The iconic 56 Thunderbird's with their classic porthole in the hardtop, the 57 Chevy’s, the amazing muscle cars of the 1970’s all hold special memories for those of us that grew up with them. As a kid I remember sitting in a small Mahoney diner with my mother, looking out the window, and there across the street was a big Chevy dealership. I used to love watching them roll down the big ramp and onto the showroom floor, gleaming, the chrome polished and the paint jobs were not to be believed. Candy-apple red to gleaming black, all were so beautiful. While modern cars have a lot of technology, they lack style and beauty. I miss those artful lines and the attention to luxurious detail that can only be found in a classic car.

Cruise nights have been around a long time. Almost since the automobile was invented. Put a driver and a car together and I guarantee you they will cruise. Once the radio was designed into cars, the rest was history. Remember listening to “I Only Have Eyes for You” sitting in the front seat of a big old Chevy?

People think that cruising was born in California, but really give a teenager a car and a circuit anywhere, in any decade and you will find cruisers.

Today, a great tradition exists in America, especially here at the Jersey Shore. Cruise nights are just one of those things you should experience anywhere, but especially when visiting the Jersey Shore.

In the lovely little beach town of Belmar, cruise nights are a very big deal. It’s an event that is sponsored by the Belmar Business Partnership and is wildly popular. Really, what could be better than classic cars, the beach, great food and music. This year’s cruise nights are scheduled for July 18 and August 22, 2018.

It’s absolutely worth the trip, and the great memories. Come on down to the Jersey Shore this summer and take in a Cruise Night, you will not be disappointed.

For a list of Cruise Nights near you click on the Drive In below.

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