My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Release Date: Will It Be Released in Theaters or on Streaming?

Things are about to get Greek again, so grab the Windex and get ready to shatter some more dishes. Nia Vardalos, the film’s original star, will return to direct, write, and feature in the third installment of Focus Features’ My Big Fat Greek Wedding, set for release on September 8, 2023.

Vardalos expressed her delight at being able to return to the series and wrap up the project, which took place on location in Greece, as part of the announcement from Focus Features.

Despite only having a $5 million budget, the original 2002 version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding ended up grossing $368.7 million worldwide. The movie was a smash hit because it depicted the story of a woman from a conservative Greek family who falls in love with an outsider.

Reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with critics praising Vardalos for her humor and her ability to make a fool of herself without losing the audience’s respect or sympathy. Vardalos co-starred with John Corbett and Laine Kazan.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Release Date

According to sources, On September 8, 2023, Focus Features will release My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 in the United States.

Will My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Be Released in Theaters or on Streaming?

The original My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie made $368.7 million at the worldwide box office on a meager budget of only $5 million. With a budget of only $18 million, the second installment of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” brought in $90.6 million.

With those kinds of sales, it’s unlikely that a studio would forego a theatrical release. The film is being produced by HBO Films, whose first two features are already available on the HBO Max streaming service, so a streaming release can’t be ruled out.

Who Is Among the Cast Members of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3?

Except for Michael Constantine, who passed away in 2021, the entire original cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding will be back for the sequel. Nia Vardalos and John Corbett are back as the original characters Toula Portokalos and Ian Miller, respectively. In addition to his role as Aidan, Carrie Bradshaw’s long-lost boyfriend, in the sequel series And Just Like That…, Corbett has starred in the hit HBO series Sex & the City.

Paris Miller, played by Elena Kampouris, their daughter, is back. She has continued her acting career after her role in the sequel with roles in Before I Fall and Jupiter’s Legacy, among others. Maria Portokalos, Thiea Voula, and Uncle Taki are reprised roles for Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin, and Gerry Mendicino.

my big fat greek wedding 3 release date

Kazan has won two Tony Awards for his plays St. Elsewhere and My Favorite Year and has been nominated for a Golden Globe for the film version of My Favorite Year. Martin began her career with comedic legends like Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and John Candy on the groundbreaking Canadian sketch comedy show SCTV.

She has recently been seen in roles on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Only Murders in the Building. Starring in popular shows like Degrassi and Goosebumps, Mendicino got his start on the Canadian sitcom King of Kensington.

Toula’s cousins Nikki and Angelo, played by Gia Carides and Joey Fatone, and Toula’s brother Nick, played by Louis Mandylor, also return. The Offer, a Paramount+ series on the filming of The Godfather, featured Mandylor lately.

Big Little Lies and Twin Peaks: The Return are just two of the critically acclaimed shows in which Carides has been in recent years. Fatone first gained widespread recognition as a member of the successful boy band NSYNC. Dancing with the Stars and Family Feud are just two of the reality game shows he’s been a part of recently.

What Can We Expect From My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3?

The plot of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 has not been revealed as of yet. To carry out the dying wish of Gus Portokalos, we know that the film will follow the whole Portokalos family as they travel to a Greek town for a family reunion. Every film has had a wedding in it so far.

Toula weds Ian, a non-Greek, in the first film, and her parents, Maria and Gus, wed in the second film after discovering that the man who married them was not a real priest. There’s been no confirmation either way, but it seems likely that a wedding will take place in this sequel.

The Portokalos family was last seen in 2016. Toula and Ian’s lives were in a bit of a free fall as they awaited the expected homecoming. Due to the economic downturn, the family’s tour business had to close, and now Toula found herself working in the family restaurant once more.

my big fat greek wedding 3 release date

Since Ian’s promotion to principal of the high school, the couple has had less and less time to spend together. Meanwhile, their daughter Paris, who was then a teenager, threatened to leave for a distant university.

The wedding of Gus and Maria only added to the family’s stress because of Maria’s health concerns and Gus’s marital difficulties. The film concludes with the family saying goodbye to Paris as she leaves for college in New York, and the happy couple tying the knot for a second time.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of my big fat Greek wedding series. Such Shows Include Queen Charlotte Season 2, Banshee Season 5, and more.


Focus Features plans to distribute the picture in theaters across the United States on September 8, 2023. Michael Constantine (Gus Portakalos in the first two movies and the TV series My Big Fat Greek Life), who passed away on August 31, 2021, at the age of 94, will be honored in the film. For more details visit our website

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