Monster but Wild Season 2 Release Date: Find Out When It’s Coming!

Monster But Wild Season 2 Release Date: Monster But Wild is a well-known cartoon show that started in China. The first episode of the anime series came out on April 16, 2023, and it quickly became famous among its fans.

Monster But Wild is an anime show that is based on the famous game “Azure” and has the same characters. It shows what the people in the story get up to. What about Monster But Wild Season 2?

In this article, we will discuss Monster But Wild Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, and much more. Scroll down and read the whole story if you want to know everything.

Monster But Wild Season 2 Release Date!

After just one or two days, Monster But Wild’s first season had a strong following of people who were hooked on the show. The first season of the show came out, with different events happening at different times.

According to the studies, yes, the fans also want a new season of the series. But there has been no official advertising about when the new season of the show will come out.

Monster But Wild Season 2 Release Date

We’ll add more to this on our website when we have official information about when the second season of the show will be out. Keep coming to our website to see the whole first season of the show. If you like Monster But Wild Anime you will Definitely like Tales of Wedding Rings Anime and Scott Pilgrim Anime.

What is Monster But Wild All About?

Monster But Wild is a Chinese TV show about health and fitness. Yi Zhuang and Siwen Liu are the directors. The first season of the show has a total of 12 episodes, but only 9 of them have been shown to fans so far.

There are different things that happen in each episode, and the players go on different adventures in each penstock. Here are the different things that happen and a quick summary of how they go. The season of the show is full of different episodes with different names that show the world of Azure and the monsters that live there. It tells the story of a character who enters a world full of monsters but is too weak to fight small ones.

In the first season of the show, all of the events and excitement of the Chinese game “Azure” are shown. It plays different shows in different rooms. In the beginning, we learn about the world of Azure and meet some of the people who live there.

The main character of the show, DongDong, goes to the world of Azure and turns into a shell monster with very little strength and energy that can’t even fight a small creature. After going a long way, he meets a girl named Bubble. He makes a deal with her to help her and the new musketeers he just made on their next adventure and to become her best pet.

DongDong also finds out that the other group of monsters and NPCs are turning against the human world. DOngDong chose to fight against these NPCs and other players to save his life and get back to his old life. This was all about when the first season of the show came out. There are still a few shows of season 1 to come out. Let’s see what turns and twists these things will take.

Monster But Wild Character And Cast!

Monster But Wild is a Chinese cartoon show. It was written by Hui Shan and Mao Wu, and Siwen Liu and Yi Zhuang were in charge of directing it. The show debuted on BiliBili, and Jun Kang, Li Ni, Zhang Shengyan, Zhiwei Lin, and Haoling Li are the people who make it.

Monster But Wild Season 2 Release Date

The show is proud of its interesting cast and team, which helped make it the most famous show ever. Yunxi Ting plays the lead character, Dong Dong. Jiaming Zhang plays Xiong Ba, Tu Bai plays Bubble, Ban Ban plays Si Si, Lin Mo plays Ye Wu, Xin Huang plays Gu Ling, and Huang Leyi plays Qu Yu Qiu. There are a lot of other groups who worked hard on the show that aren’t listed above. You can see them in the show.

Where to Watch Monster But Wild?

Fans of the Chinese cartoon series Monster But Wild can watch all of the new episodes on BiliBili’s official YouTube page, which is where the series is updated.


Monster But Wild is a Chinese cartoon show based on the game series “Azure.” It tells the story of DonDong, who goes into the Azure world by accident and turns into a weak monster who can’t catch his breath. But he makes himself important in the end and finishes his job.

The first season of the show has been well-liked by both reviewers and fans. So it looks like the writers might also put out the second season. So, we’ll add more about the show’s follow-up once we know more. Stay tuned with Jerseyshorevibe, for more Anime updates.

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