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Down Home Fab Episode 3 Release Date: Where Can I Watch It?

The Down Home Fab Episode 3 Release Date is listed below. The first episode of Down Home Fab premiered on January 16th, marking the return of Teen Mom 2 stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer. All six episodes of this series clocks in at one hour. Chelsea and Cole supposedly design and build homes for others on HGTV.

Their job description calls for them to update the homes of their customers. In one of the most difficult periods of their lives, they must achieve this while also caring for and bringing up four children. Those homes in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, are in line for a makeover. Furthermore, they call South Dakota home.

Ranch Glam was the first episode, and it followed their efforts to revamp the home of their wedding planner. Ranch Glam Renovation is the name given to the makeover, which features some contemporary touches and makes use of cutting-edge materials and technology.

In the first episode, HGTV revealed that Chelsea and Cole’s design goal for the couple’s property was to give it a glamorous open layout while incorporating certain rustic touches from the original ranch house that were removed during the renovation. There is a great deal of pressure on them because this is their first construction project and this home has the potential to make their company renowned.

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Cole and Chelsea’s future employment is set in stone. Cole must erect the farmhouse in the same style as their current home, though Chelsea will undoubtedly introduce some novel features. Chelsea plans to install a stone fireplace, a copper-wrapped kitchen island, and an antelope-patterned carpet.

In the second episode, they enlist a real estate agent to assist in the formation and layout of their enterprise. A formal living room, a mudroom, and a custom pantry were all repurposed to make way for a modern, open-concept dream kitchen. It was also novel that they opted for a Granite countertop. Find out when Episode 3 of Down Home Fab will be available to watch online and learn more about the show’s plot in this article.

Down Home Fab Episode 3 Release Date: When It Will Be Renewed?

Episode 3 of Down Home Fab premieres on January 23, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET. The show’s title for this episode is “French Glam Bungalow.” Chelsea and Cole will be seen helping out an old buddy with some much-needed repairs in the next episode.

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Keeping the friendship/business balance in check may be difficult in this situation. This task involves the restoration of a 1920s-era cottage.

Down Home Fab Cast Members: Who Are In It?

Chelsea made her debut in the 2011 premiere of Teen Mom 2, and she began dating Cole DeBoer the following year, in 2014. She was “16 and pregnant” when her daughter Aubree Skye was born. Cole appeared in Season 6 of Teen Mom, and Chelsea presented him as her boyfriend. The wedding took place later in 2016. After taping the tenth season of Teen Mom in October 2020, she decided to end her involvement with the show.

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Cole and Chelsea have four children: Aubree, Watson, Layne, and Walker. In 2029, they began working on the foundation of their future home. It was Chelsea’s job to build the house from scratch, while Cole was responsible for all the labor. After finishing their own home, they had the idea of helping other people with their home construction and renovation projects, so they began seeking clients.

Where Can I Watch Down Home Fab Episode 3?

Each new episode of Down Home Fab debuted on HGTV on a Monday, and subsequent episodes are available to watch on Discovery+. Watch the latest episode, or any of the previous ones, on HGTV.

The show Down Home Fab is streaming now, so make sure you tune in! The international, no-cost cable channel Discovery+. Down Home Fab is available on Discovery+ and may be accessed with a cable subscription.

What Happened Last Time in the Previous Episode?

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