Griselda Release Date: Where is Griselda Filmed?

The planned American criminal drama streaming television miniseries Griselda is directed by Andrés Baiz. The series, which is produced by Eric Newman and Sofa Vergara, is based on the life of infamous cocaine trafficker Griselda Blanco.

The miniseries was produced for the Netflix streaming service. Latin World Entertainment is the show’s producer.

Griselda Release Date: When Will Griselda be released on Netflix?

According to Droidjournal, This upcoming television series Griselda official release date has not yet been determined. We anticipate that the series will be released in late 2023 or early 2024 as filming for it began on January 17, 2022.

On November 3, 2021, Netflix said that they were creating a brand-new crime drama miniseries based on the life of drug smuggler Griselda Blanco. The creators have stated that there would be 6 episodes in the series.

Griselda Season 1 Plotline: What Can We Expect From It?

One of the most influential figures in the criminal underground is Griselda Blanco. Her name has appeared on lists of the powerful, and she has been compared to some of history’s most infamous crime lords like Pablo Escobar, Osiel Cardenas, Al Capone, and El Chapo.

Griselda Release Date

To what extent, if any, her TV show will deviate from her actual life is unclear. According to the official synopsis, the next Netflix series will follow the life of Griselda, a mother who created one of the world’s largest criminal organizations. She earns the moniker “Black Widow” as she uses a devastating combination of attacks.

Griselda Season 1 Cast Members: Who Are in It?

Griselda, played by Sofia Vergara, is one of several well-known performers featured in the show’s roster. Vergara was once the highest-paid actress and model in the world. She’s made appearances on shows like “Chasing Papi,” “Meet the Browns,” “Madea Goes to Prison,” “Modern Family,” “The Smurfs,” “New Year’s Eve,” “Hot Pursuit,” and “Happy Feet 2,” among many others.

She will be working with performers like Alberto Guerra (Dario), Vanessa Ferlito (Sable), Christian Tappan (Arturo), Diego Trujillo (Deutsch Panessso), and Alberto Amman (The Longest Night). The rest of the cast includes Julian Aiden as June, Martin Rodriguez as Rivi, Jose Zuniga as Amilcar, Maximiliano as Papo, Paulina Davila as Carmen, and Joe Finfera as Lawyer.

Where is Griselda in Production? Where is Griselda Filmed?

Production listings indicate that shooting began on January 24th, 2022, and will conclude on June 30th of the same year.

There are several director’s chairs around the set with the label “Emerald,” indicating that this is the working title being used while filming.

Parts of the series are shot in Los Angeles, California, while the rest are shot in Miami, Florida, two cities with a lot of cultural significance. It was reported to us that principal photography for the production kicked off in Los Angeles in the week of January 24.

Griselda Release Date

Location scouts were reportedly spotted in Long Beach, California, in early November of 2021.

Photographs of Sofia Vergara on set were published by the DailyMail in early February 2022. Newspapers report that “the 49-year-old actress wore a green jumpsuit with red highlights on the set of the play.”

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Griselda Season 1 Trailer Details

We still don’t have a release date for the Griselda books or a trailer for the series. The last episode of the crime drama series was meant to air on June 30, but there has been no word on when the next season will shoot. If the show does end up wrapping production, the trailer might come out before the premiere this year or early next year.


After marrying his longtime mistress Griselda, a peasant, King Gualtiero worries that she would be rejected by the nobility. The king is worried that a rebellion could break out unless Griselda is proven to be worthy of being queen and the mother of the future monarch. For more details visit our website

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